Thursday, December 21, 2006

All I Want for Christmas.

Herro everybody!

Me is feeling guilty. Me never update long time.

In spirit of Christmas. I take a lot a lot of peekchas.

Make you happy looooong time mistah.

.....Or give you nightmare loooong time. Mistah.

Me no care about you. Me just make ME happy.

So yeah. You fucking voyeurs with your freaky morbid curiosities can stop foaming in your mouth now.

Besides some shameless camwhoring pictures here's also a list of things I'd like for Christmas, inspired by Suanie (who ROX! :P).


1. The Complete Calvin And Hobbes because I'm still a kid and Bill Watterson rocks.

2. A BIGGGGGGGG box of liquour filled chocolates, not because I'm an alcoholic (heh), but because I fucking deserve it, motherfuckers.

3. Snow. Outside my window.


4. Some good classic Creme Brulee. Homemade? Even better! By a guy? Yum! Who is cute, single and very available? Let's get married yesterday!

5. Somebody like that placards confession guy in Love Actually to fucking shut EVERYBODY up once and for all.


6. A big truck filled with obscene amounts of money so I may buy many things for ME! And YOU!

7. A bouquet of white daisies wrapped in plain paper like the ones Tom Hanks gave to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, because they were such sweet happy flowers and I could use with more HAPPY.


8. 8 hours worth of good, black, sleep.

9. My happiness.

10. ..... and yours, bitches.


Don't think it'll all fit into the sock I'm hanging by the chimney, though.

But thanks for trying anyway, Santa.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May 2007 bring us MORE of the good stuff!


P/s: Will be away for a bit and back only after the new year. So give that F5 key a rest then go at it again with a vengeance right after the new year ok? Please? :) Happy holidays!)

P/p/s: I can't believe I'll be missing the biggest, funnest, most freakiest party of the YEAR! ARGH! RAGE!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Howdy folks!

Sorry about being MIA for a bit. Didn't have the time nor the mood nor the inspiration nor quite enough of alcohol; to cook up a post for your entertainment, and mine.

I DID however watched an anime and wrote a (very sterile) review for Monsterblog. If you ever get sick of pretending to look busy at work when you're actually checking up midget porn in a minimised window on the bottom right corner of your monitor (I see you!), feel free to click the permalink below!

Why is Samurai Champloo Great.

My first ever prim and proper anime review! YEAY ME!

If you don't know me by now, besides drinking, dancing, swearing, coming up with nonsense on this blog and stomping on little furry animals, I also enjoy watching animes.

My fetish for animes began when I first watched and got hooked on Sailormoon when I was just a whee little wench of 16 (hey, young and stupid okay). I thought the girls were so cute and HAWT *nosebleed earbleed eyebleed* that I would pause the freaking CD between their transformations just to see exactly how detail the nude bodies were. *pervert*

Then I lost interest in Sailormoon because it just got too long for my goldfish attention span and too damn fucking annoying for my blood pressure to take. But over the years the interest for anime was still kinda there, on and off. There was a bit of Sakura Wars... a bit of Black Jack.. a bit of Samurai X... and some movie animes here and there by Gibhli Studios..... hentai.. haha kidding no hentai. No idea what that is, really *cough*

So quite recently (like 2 years ago) my fetish of anime was brought back alive with an OBSESSIVE VENGANCE with the introduction of NARUTO.... until the fillers took over and fucked it up its ass. But then there was BLEACH which completely SAVED me from the bottomless pit of emptiness.... until the fillers took over and RAPE the fuck out of it for me as well. DAmn fed up. Then started looking for those 20-over episode type of animes to watch - because I know at least THOSE have endings, and it won't bloody make me wait for one whole FREAKING week for just one measly 25 minute episode which usually ends at a cliffhanger causing me to fly into an insane RAAAAAAGE and CHOKE helpless tiny animals.

Along came Escaflowne (damn slow!), FMA (never completed because DVD fucked up half way), Samurai 7 (bestest!), Evangelion (most fucked up!), a bit of Black Cat (gave me a headache).. and probably a few others which I've forgotten..... With so much animes to catch up on who needs men? (lies, all lies.... sigh)

Anyway, back to my post on Monsterblog. Did you notice something grossly lacking from it?


I'll supply a few of those words for you to sprinkle it about the post like herbs on lamb roast:

fuck fuck fucking jerk cocksucking wankers motherfuckers bastards shiteaters nofuckingway goddamnit fuck fuck fucking fuck tiuniaseng pokai what the fuck fuckers AWESOMNESTttt!!111one WTFWTF!?!!? evARRrr!!11oner pondscum asswipe fucking fuckers babies are delicious and good for you rape insects eat daisies FUCK!

There you go! Now go reread the review again with those words in mind and insert them about the post as you see fit! SO FUN RIGHT?

Hope you enjoyed the review. I plan to do more of that (watching animes and reviewing them, not throwing random profanities everywhere) if I ever find the time again, or manage to get my grimy paws on other people's ginourmous collections.

Any offers? Or at least some recommendations?

Just a few requirements though:
1. Animes must NOT be the KAWAII NE or the ROMANCE sort. I can't fucking STAND it and I'll shove it back into your eye socket.
2. I'm not too fond of mecha. Genuine otakus will argue and say that Eva was NOT mecha, but whatever. It's just not my style.
3. Big sucker for ninjas, samurais and underdogs kicking ass.
4. It has to be either a movie, or a short series.
5. Not too fond of manga as fight scenes never really looked good in them.

Itu saje kthx!

And have yourselves a great weekend! :)

Monday, December 4, 2006

Best thing out of singapore ever.

Hey hey hey! Guess what I found hiding in the dark corner of my bookshelf collecting dust?


These used to be my favourite books in secondary school!

It's a typical story of college romances set in a local college setting, featuring real characters with real issues you and I can definitely empathise with. From what I can remember of it, it's VERY easy to read (no big words!), very clean (no raunchy stuff), very funny (local type of humour mah), very cute (can't stop smiling), and very heart-warming (am a sucker for happy endings).

But if you have never seen or heard about these books before, chances are :

1. you're not a girl
2. you're not from malaysia or singapore
3. you're too young or
4. you're too old

.... so go away.

Hahhaha just kidding.

Right now, I'm attempting to read Neil Gaiman's Stardust and Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Night-time (I suspect Mark Haddon coins up all the titles for Panic At the Disco's songs).

Not exactly hardcore big girl's reading, but I'm still young. :)

Amalkanlah sifat suka membaca!