Saturday, May 31, 2008

That New Shitty SuperHero Spoof Movie


Argh I know you are compelled to watch very bad idiotic, un-funny movies like this.


please don't make me watch it.

i don't even want to watch it on dvd.




i dowandowandowandowandowandowandowandowandowandowandowandowan

If you make me, I swear I will stab the Macbook screen with a pencil.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here In My Home

That new unity song we're apparently so proud of?

At the risk of sounding bloody unpatriotic - I hate it. I really think it sucks.

When I first heard pimping it to death, I was hoping that it would amount to something worthwhile.

Collaboration of big names. Singers and non-singers. 120 people. Nobody was paid.

A patriotic song that promotes racial unity.

I was curious loh. But I wasn’t expecting the sky. And when the song finally hit the airwaves, in the first 5 seconds I was like “THIS is it? This is the thing that everybody’s so damn proud of which took a month to create?”

When the song finally ended, all I could muster was a “huh?”

The lyrics didn’t make sense. How does it relate to hope and unity? “The song has shadows in its lyrics”. Ooo-kay. Maybe the makna tersirat was buried too deep for me to get it. Maybe I’m just too shallow to appreciate poetry. Maybe the song was not meant for thick people like me to appreciate. Har I don't know lah. But I just wasn't feeling it, dawg.

The melody was uninspiring and bland. The chord progressions just didn’t work for me, it sounded off. Yeah so you have Jaclyn tarik-ing all her notes and sounding like all gospel-like but… so what? It felt, plastic. Like it was just cut and pasted in there to make it sound bigger that it really is. It feels one dimensional and fake. Like they tried a little too hard or too much to make everything gel together but it just didn’t stick.

It didn’t move me loh. I wasn’t inspired. I wasn’t touched. No tears in my eyes. No soaring in my heart.

Most of all. There were no goosebumps. You know a song is great and emotionally gets to you when you get goosebumps. The last song which gave me goosebumps was when David Cook tarik-ed that one note on Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean.

Do you remember We Are the World? THAT gave me goosebumps. THAT is a perfect example of one heckuva excellent collaboration and seamless integration of the unique styles of some of the biggest names back then. We are the world! We are the children! We are the ones who make a brighter day. So let's start giving!

So simple! So meaningful!

Even the newer cover version of What’s Going On for the Artists Against AIDS was good. It didn’t quite give me goosebumps, but the song reached out to me. It made sense. Mother, mother, there's just too many of you crying.... It's a song I would listen to it over and over again.

Okay before I’m being accused of worshipping our penjajah too much, let’s give a local example. I really, really hate to admit to this but I thought that very old patriotic song, Inilah Basiran Kita, was very moving. Do you remember this? That guy singing with his loud booming voice, backed by the beating of the drums.

Inilah barisan kita,
Yang ikhlas berjuang.
Siap sedia berkorban,
Untuk ibu pertiwi!
Sebelum kita berjaya,
Jangan harap kami pulang!
Inilah sumpah pendekar kita,
Menuju medan bakti!
Andai kata kami gugur semua,
Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
Kami mohon doa,
Malaysia berjaya!
Semboyan telah berbunyi,
Menuju medan bakti!

Everytime the song is played it compels me to stop whatever I’m doing, stand straight up and salute our warriors who are going to die defending our tanahair. So simple. So real. So effective.

But this new song feels a bit, messy, disorganised and disjointed. Let’s throw in everything we know which symbolizes unity and muhibbah into a song and make it BIG. How to go wrong, right?

Races which symbolizes our nation. Check.
Multiple languages. Check.
Jaclyn Victor. Check.
Rap verse. Check.

Haih. I don’t know lah. I really really wanted to like the song. I tried, but I just couldn’t.

More than anything, it actually sounds a little self-indulgent.

Well, maybe it’s just me lah. Everybody else seems so proud of it.

Stop Watering Down My Damn Drink, Scumbags.

I love Kilkenny! It’s absolutely yummy! It’s the only stuff on tap which I will gladly consume without having to suppress the urge to gag. That and Hoegaarden on tap, which is very rare. The creaminess of the foam complementing the slight bitterness of the liquid brown ale is absolutely mmm-mm. It’s my comfort drink. Something I look forward to having in the evenings after work to wind down. Plonk my ass on the bar stool. Order a pint. Fidget until the pint finally comes. Taste the first sip of the creamy, slightly bitter ale. Feel the warmth spread slowly from the top of my scalp to my toes. Take another big gulp or two or three. Smile. Ahhhh. It’s like having a cup of hot dark chocolate with marshmallow in front of a fireplace on a snowy winter. But with the buzz. And a lighter wallet.

But it’s WORTH IT.

Until I find out that some places actually have the NERVE to fucking water it down which totally HULKRAGES me.

WATER IT DOWN. WTF. Motherfuckers. Do you know how awful Kilkenny tastes watered down? It tastes like water that came out of a 100 year old rusty pipe which leaves a nasty aftertaste reminding me of blood.

So go screw yourselves, all you lying, cheating assholes for charging me about RM30 bucks on a pint of desecrated shit you pour into a Kilkenny glass and try to pass off as a Kilkenny.

A curse on you! May your bartenders leave you. May your orders of booze always be delayed and you’re forced to explain why a bar doesn’t have booze to very unhappy and thirsty patrons. May your patrons be unruly drunks who loves a brawl and breaks all your furniture. May your servers never be honest and still all your money from the cashier. May a freaking asteroid fall right on top of your shop. May a trailer carrying logs ram into your damn shop in the middle of the night. May your kitchen get so infested with rodents and roaches that the authorities force you to close down.

I know some establishments that does this.

The Apartment.
Laundry. (but their happy hour Kilkenny is RM20 NETT so I’ll still go sigh.)
Work In Progress.


I know there are more and I swear upon my hamster’s grave that every time I find another place which fucking WATERS DOWN MY Kilkenny I will put a hex on it and update this post with its name for all to see.

I bet you know some places which water down your tapped booze. Do us all a favour by listing them down here and put a hex on them too, kthx.

Meanwhile, I heard there’s a place that offers Kilkenny for RM17 nett. Going to check it out tonight, and it bloody hell better NOT be watered down or I’ll TURN GREEN AND HULKSMASH THEM WITH MY BARE HANDS.

See ya!


- GRRRRR. There's no fucking Kilkenny at Sid's Place, what more Kilkenny at RM17. The idiot who thought there was must've been drunk out of his bloody mind. I hate you. You really suck. No not you, your friend. Grrr. Hulksmash his car.

- Please list places (in Malaysia) which don't water down their grog too. We need to know! I think Finnegan's doesn't, though it's fucking expensive.


Monday, May 26, 2008

WLD 3929

Many things pisses me off when I’m driving.

Idiots who don’t use their indicators
Suicidal rempits
Fuckers who are on the phone AND driving VERY slowly on the fast lane

Another species of people who really pisses me off while I’m driving are fucktards like this this Proton Waja driving ballmuncher who had the audacity to wind down the window while driving up the slope to throw out not just one, or two but a whole fucking handful of used tissues out of his damn window.

Seriously what the fuck can’t wait until you’ve parked your car then take the damn tissues out with you to dispose them off properly into a rubbish bin? Your car will combust if you didn’t throw out those tissues immediately? The tar road will open up and swallow you whole? Your dick would fall off? Your pet dog will die? Your future grandchildren will be born without backsides? You’re a retard? What? What exactly was the urgency which forced you to dispose the tissues out of your car window while you were driving? WHAT? I really can't think of any plausible reasons that will make your littering OKAY.

Are you going to argue with me that oh it’s okay because tissues are biodegradable? So if I threw a whole truck load full of apple cores, banana peels, rotten eggs, spoiled vegetables, dead bloody chicken, used tissues, pig innards and shit into your garden – it would be okay right? It’s organic what. Biodegradable. They'll all eventually disintegrate and become one with the earth. I’m doing you a favour by fertilising your SOIL, right? Asshole.

Seriously, if you’re NOT going to dump rubbish all over your house then don’t fucking dump rubbish all over the streets. As if this country is not your home? As if you don’t give a shit what your children will grow up in? You look old enough to have children. What the fuck are you teaching them? That the world is your rubbish dump? Would it be okay for your kids to throw their shit (literally) all over your house? If not, then WHY IS IT OKAY TO DUMP SHIT ALL OVER THE STREET YOU FUCKING UNCIVILISED UNEVOLVED MORON.

Walk into an exposed manhole, asswipe. May birds let loose wet diarrhea all over your fucking car every single time you park it in an open-air carpark .

Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. Sorry no updates until yesterday. Actually it’s not like it bothers you since my traffic is almost non-existent to begin with. Monday was a public holiday and I had no internet connection on Tuesday. Yes, I’ve officially transferred to a new division. PC wasn’t up, LAN not up, no emails, nothing. Feeling a little out of touch, since I get most of my news online these days. I don’t suppose I’ll be doing any concrete work this week. Brain turning into mush from being bored. Say, if you must choose only one, what would recommend if I’d like to read a book on advertising or a copywriting for my own interest?

2. Apparently my domain name will expire in 30 days if I don’t cough up RM55 to renew it. Suddenly feel like I can’t be bothered and am thinking about moving back to Blogspot or something. What are your thoughts on this?

3. Apparently some companies have banned their employees from accessing to this website for “malicious” content. WHY. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? I AM BUT A SMALL TINY HARMLESS CUTE LITTLE BLOG. WHY DO YOU BAN MY READERS FROM WANTING TO READ MY BLOG? I ONLY HAVE FIVE FREAKING READERS. FIVE. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE. Actually, some divisions of my own company also banned this url. Hooray.

4. How was your weekend? I can’t seem to recall how mine was, let’s see. On Friday I attended a pretty poshy watch event. People were pretty nice and friendly too! Checked out the watches and had to fall in love with the one that the marketing girl was wearing only to find out that it is no longer available. As if I can afford it anyway, haha. Good food at Flam’s. Buried my face in at least about half a dozen of fresh oysters which was absolutely yum. The free-flow of wine is always a good thing. I never ever had foie gras before and that night was my first time. It was nothing short of delicious and creamy, if force-fed duck’s liver can ever be called creamy. It’s not something you can eat everyday without feeling terrible for the fowl and too much of it can be a bit sickening. The steak was delish – just slightly short of my steak experience in Avanti and Jack’s (next to Victoria Station). And I had to go before they served dessert. :( Thanks, K! Want to see pictures of pretty looking, and very expensive time pieces including pictures of me looking dumpy? Click here.

5. Saturday was… I didn’t do much on Saturday, which was a nice change. Stayed home, spent time with my mum and in our quest of grinding our brains into mush, watched tones of old DVDs. View From the Top. Devil Wears Prada. Bridget Jones. 27 Dresses. View from the top was enjoyable. Devil Wears Prada was good. I will always have a soft spot for Bridget Jones, and 27 Dresses was some good fun eventhough I still don’t really fancy the Grey’s Anatomy’s girl. I realize that every girl and her mother digs the series and that Damp fellow, but I really loath Grey’s Anatomy and think it overrated. Give me that old shabby grumpy cynical House anytime.

6. Sunday… Woke up early for brunch at Mum’s Place @ Damansara Perdana. Quaint, family-friendly Nyonya restaurant WITH A BAR. Any restaurant WITH A BAR is by default my kind of restaurant. After brunch, went on a crusade to look for cloth dye because I had ruined my beautiful RM160 odd Cheap Monday black denim skinnies which I had bought from Wondermomo and only worn like 3-4 times by leaving the tap run overnight (by accident), thus leaving a huge ugly discoloured spot on the pants. No amount of swearing at the heavens was going to bring it back unless I do something about it. So I did. Bought two tubs of Dylon dyes, hoping it would work. And guess what? It did.

7. Another wedding to go for this weekend. Goodbye money.

8. This new LCD at work is sorta kinda giving me an uncomfortable feeling. It makes my eyes feel tired, and even gives me a slight headache. The fonts don’t look sharp. Even when I type them on emails, or a Word document it looks blurry, and the words are not… full. Why? This sucks. It’s starting to really piss me off.

That’s it, for now. Laters!

P.S. I Love You


Have you been in love? Have you loved someone so much that when you think of that person your heart aches as it pounds itself furiously against your ribcage, so furiously it stops your breath and makes you lose your mind, only to be finally released from the tower of your own madness which consumes when you see that idiot once again, or hear the idiot’s voice.

Being in love is not a laughing matter. It’s fucking terrible. Your world gets turned upside down. Food tastes bland. Water doesn’t hydrate. Seconds feel like hours, day and night doesn’t make a difference. Your mind is consumed by that one person. Nothing works. Nothing makes sense.

There’s nothing worse than being in love.

Except having that love stolen from you.

If you have been in love, and had that love taken away from you, then you will, without a doubt, feel exactly like how the main character felt when she lost her love – which is basically what the whole movie is about. Love, lost love, and dealing with lost love. Hilary (as Holly) and Gerard (as Gerry) has so much chemistry on-screen, that when Gerry was gone, YOU would despair. YOUR heart gets ripped out, flung into flames, thrashed around with a spiked club, drowned in water.

I hate it. It’s a great movie. But it makes you go through those feelings you kept locked up in a thick metal box deep inside the black inner recesses of your heart, and you threw away the key because you never ever want to go through it again.

The hopelessness. The loneliness. The difficulty in moving on. The self-pity. The painful longing. The constant reminder of the absence of the other person during your mundane everyday routines. That picture. That piece of clothing. The not wanting to leave the house. The not wanting to get out of bed. The feeling like nothing matters anymore. The bitter anger and jealousness you feel when people around you seem to be moving on with their lives too quickly, living you behind. The “what is the point” question. The why, why, why question. The unfairness. The feeling like you heart will never heal. The fear of being alone. Forever.

Lock them up again. Bury the key. Go away and never come back.

I only cried once in the movie. If I wasn’t too tired and sleepy I would’ve probably bawled throughout the move, who knows. The part that touched me most was at the scene she breaks down and went straight to her mother to cry and cry. Going to your mother is like caving in and waving the white flag. An admission that the situation was too overwhelming and you weren’t strong enough to handle it yourself. An admission to weakness. Nobody likes to admit to that.

Before you mistaken this for depressing movie, it's not. It’s just a very touching and emotional story. A story of a women's journey on coping with lost love and how she was helped by her loved one to pick herself up together again.

To have someone love you with so much dedication and affection, even after 10 years, like how Gerry character loved Holly – that’s heaven on earth. Gerry's love and dedication for Holly is today’s version of a fairytale. Gerry is today’s version of a knight in shining armour. And I'm just a sucker for fairytales.

P.S. I Love You is a terrible, beautiful, heart-wrenching movie, so it's nice to watch it with somebody. But it's a little too heavy for a first (few hundred, haha) date movie though... So watching preferences should be like this:

watch with somebody you love > watch by yourself > watch with a first date

On Rotten tomatoes
Official website

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brain Diarrhoea

So I was sitting at Mcdonald’s eating my Bubur Ayam McD and drinking my ice cold Ribena by myself while waiting for a couple of people to satisfy their obsession with that Digby girl.

Oh yes I was there. But only for 5 minutes before I rubbished it to have my dinner. So many people. Too many people. Screaming. Kids. So many kids. Shouldn’t they be at home studying for their exams? Bodies squeezing against each other. Pushing. I’m too old for this nonsense. I’m tired and hungry. I’ve spent too long at work to enjoy crushing myself with the crowd to watch some random chick sing live in the middle of a shopping mall. Is it worth going through all that for 1.5 hours just to catch a glimpse of her singing a couple of songs? Truth is, I’ve never fancied her. I didn’t like that she or whoever who was responsible for her took no action to correct the masses conception that she was some raw undiscovered talent who happened to put her own version of Rihanna’s grating, soul-sucking Umbrella on Youtube.come, when the truth is that she is already discovered and is already a signed artist. Granted she never said that she wasn’t, but inactions to correct a misconception is still a deception. So screw her. She isn’t all that fantastic anyway. Fantastic talent? Right. Singer/guitar players are a dime in a dozen. The only thing that really sets her apart is that she is young and very easy on the eye, which of course means $$$$$$$$$ in the entertainment business. Fantastic talent? Hah. Let me see you play that guitar with your feet while you’re upside down and suspended mid-air lah tiu.

Oops. Didn’t mean to sound bitter. Please don't flame me.

Bubur Ayam McD is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Who would’ve thought that McD's was capable of making something so delicious and dare I say it, almost healthy? I was so sceptical when they first introduced this on their menu. I thought it would taste like plastic. Or cardboard. Or salt water. Or styrofoam. How can McD's get THIS one right? Even some hotels fuck it up, what more a fastfood chain? I thought the rice in the porridge wouldn’t actually BE rice. I thought they would use dehydrated fake veges and meat like instant noodles in a cup would. But I was so wrong. The moment the first spoonful of Bubur Ayam of my life made contact with my mouth, I knew in that instant that my life would never be the same again. Once you open the cover of the styrofoam container and the rush of vapour rising out of the steaming porridge hits your nose – that’s when you realise that it is Just. Like. Porridge. And it smells SO GOOD. Chopped spring onions, tiny bits of chicken meat (not "juicy chicken strips" as advertised, they lied but i'll let that slide), fine slices of ginger, white pepper, diced red chilly, fried shallots, atop a bowl of thick gooey porridge, fused together to create a beautiful symphony of aroma which reminds you of home. As you take your first bite of your bubur ayam, you’ll smile and cry while you thank the heavens that men are still capable of inventing mind-blowing perfection. Right here. On a fastfood menu.

Do you have an issue with eating alone? Well, it isn’t at the top of my list of favourite things to do but if I don’t have a choice I don’t mind it too much, provided I have something to entertain myself with and that something is usually a reading material. However, last night at McD’s I didn’t have any, and couldn’t be arsed to buy a reading material just to keep me company, so it was just me and my food. So I sat down with my tray of my mouth-watering goodness of bubur ayam which I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on and an icy-cold Ribena (drink of Gods). Lost in my own thoughts. Recollecting what I did for the day. Planning what I should do the next day. Thinking how orgasmic my bubur is. Wondering how I should update my blog. Looking forward to moving into my new division. Thinking that I really should get more sleep. With so many things in your head it’s really easy to forget that you’re eating by yourself in a fastfood restaurant, until the other people start staring, double-taking. Triple-taking. With that weird expression on their faces. Pity? I don't know.

One night, when I was at a restaurant with a few people and we saw a guy eating by himself. Somebody quipped “please don’t let me catch you ever doing this. It’s just so sad” – it made me wonder if those people who were staring at me were thinking or even talking among themselves about what I sad person I was. I didn’t like that. People judging other people just because they choose to or didn’t have to choice but to eat by themselves. What’s the problem? Am I intruding in your space? Does my presence disturb you? Am I stealing too much of your oxygen? Do I stink? Please stop looking at me like I’m some alien freak with a horn above my head and green scales. I’m just minding my own business and eating my bubur ayam you dickheads. Strange thing is that this phenomenon of “people looking at you weird when you eat alone” only happens in Malaysia though. When I was in Australia, it’s perfectly okay. Nobody stares, everybody minds their own business. Our people have some serious issues man.

One of the things I thought about while stuffing my face with bubur were priorities. My priorities and other people’s priorities. For some reason, maybe because of my needy character, other people’s needs and wants would come first before mine. Not all the time, most times. Especially for loved ones. I would go out of the way to please them, make them happy. I thought it makes me happy and appreciated, making them happy. I always had a misconception that if I put them as my priority, I would by default, be their number one priority as well. Obviously that is never true. I think it’s inherent human nature for people to only make you their priority when they need you or when they feel like it, but never consistently by default. I still have to come to terms with that. Admittedly I also have problems with managing my expectations about other people. I keep having to tell myself that I shouldn’t feel disappointed when I am not appreciated accordingly or made to feel like I'm the best shit that was ever created by god (cue fanfare and crashing of cymbals). Must be the Leo ego. Many people have said this to me, and I still have yet to internalise this; I should always be my number one priority. Everybody else comes after me, no matter who, no matter what. I have to love myself before others can love me. I have to be happy with me before I can be happy with anyone else. So simple, yet so difficult to do.

Feeling rather grumpy and out of focus. It’s from the combination of 1) lack of rest and 2) annoying huge ulcer near my throat which makes it difficult for me to swallow or even open my mouth without feeling some form of excruciating pain.

I'm salivating just thinking about the Bubur Ayam I had last night. Yum. Must be the damn MSG.

To end this on a happy note, being held to sleep by a loved one has to be the best feeling in the whole wide world. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Speed Racer

speed racer

3 words - Don't watch it.

Unless you are one (or both) of the following:

1) really high on something. And by high I mean giggly happy and able to laugh at something mundane like a piece of rock by the roadside.
2) 7 years old or younger with ADD. The psychedelic kaleidoscope of colours will entertain you for the entire TWO FREAKING LONG HOURS.

It's really bad. No wait. The first few minutes started out quite promising, watching the super hi-tech cars outracing each other on the, literally, killer tracks in hi-res explosion of every single blinding colour the human brain can fathom.

Then the characters were introduced, and the storyline unfolded. It had to have depth (happy family), had to be all self-righteous and shove moral shit down your throat (small humble family business versus greedy money sucking capitalistic conglomerates), had to have flash-backs (use the force, luke), had to have annoying sidekicks (cue fat boy and his pet monkey every 5 fucking minutes - harhar), had to have some element of un-funny (cue fat boy and his pet monkey every 5 fucking minutes - harhar) - which spoilt the ENTIRE MOVIE and dragged the movie on and on and on and on and on and on into a spiraling vortex of VOMIT... and just when you think coming to an end where you’ll be free from it forever…. it drags on some more like a flogged to half-death donkey for another 30 bloody minutes. Bonus? The last 30 minutes were the WORST. Even watching Rain strutting around half naked speaking in very decent English didn't salvage the movie for me, and this is coming from a person who REALLY digs Rain.

It's nothing but a corny, unfunny, self-indulgant wankfest. It wouldn't have been so bad if the movie didn't take itself so seriously, but it DID.

What's worse was that I already braced myself for it. I KNEW it was going to be terrible. I knew the ratings for it were trash. And when you expect the worse, sometimes the outcome isn't as bad as you expect it to be. I cleared my mind. Told myself I'll just watch it for fucks. For the crazy blinding colours. For the awesome hi-tech racing cars. But even THEN, even with my sub-zero expectations, it still didn’t prepare me for this terrible, awful, mindless, pointless idiotic piece of shit that stole away 2 hours of my freaking life. 2 hours which I will NEVER get back. Ever. Nothing could’ve saved this movie from what it really is; a terrible, awful, mindless, pointless idiotic piece of shit. And you come out of the theater with a freaking headache and a severe case of "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED".

Don't even bother buying Uncle Ho's DVD. It's not worth the waiting for it to download it for free either. But if you don't believe me and really have to see it for yourself, then be my guest, but I told you so okay!

Some more put on the posters big big “From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy”. Hah! I didn’t even like Matrix 2 and 3 ANYWAY.

Fuck man. I told myself I will STAY AWAY from ALL BAD MOVIES in 2008 but track record hasn't been very good. :(

Rotten Tomatoes
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Weekend Update

Friday drinkies with colleagues
Pseudo-farewell drinkies @ La Bodega. Sadly La Bodega's white Sangria tasted very much like a mixture of cheap vodka (they said it was rum) in fruity-flavoured water. Maybe it was their off-day. Leaving my division for another after this week. I will miss all these crazy people at my current division who have made my life at work so much more bearable and crazy-fun. It's because of them I am able to wake up in the mornings to go to work. I will miss all of them terribly.

Saturday breakfast with friend
Been awhile since I met up with old friends just to makan and have a chat. It was pleasant. Something I look forward to do more frequently in the future.

Saturday night rave party
Got company, got beer, music so-so. No more raves for me ever. Not just because I'm getting too old for this, but if you've been for 4 you've been to all. This rave didn't quite to it for me. Didn't feel really excited or pumped up. If anything I had to pump myself up by chanting "I paid good money for this, so keep dancing" in my head to really enjoy the music. When he played the old stuff it was good, when he played the new stuff, it was uninspiring. Daresay I was a little disappointed. Looks like the first Tiesto rave party 2 years back really ruined all raves for me, including this one. No more raves! Just plain booze and clubbin for me from now onwards.... until I get bored of that. Hahahhah.. hahahhaAhaa.

(picture stolen from Tock who is a MAJOR CAMWHORE)

Sunday mother's day.
It was awesome. Had lunch at Sunway Resort Hotel's Avanti with the family and it was very well worth every single stinking RM66++. Very decent buffet spread with the usual spreads of starters, cold meats, cooked meats, salads, yummy deserts, seafood (sushi! oyster! mussels! cold prawns!), pasta, soups, finger foods, a full ala-carte main meal (choice of steak, lamb, fish of chicken - steak was DIVINE), coffee/tea and FREE FLOW OF BEER. But seriously, one can't stomach too much beer at a buffet because that'll leave LESS room for AWESOME FOOD. My mum was given a goody bag with loads of goodies! Everybody was happy and too full! This is my second time and Avanti and I totally LOVE IT. AND because great news are meant to be shared, if you are a HSBC cardholder, you eat for 50% CHEAPER from next weekend onwards until June! Call them up now or a puppy DIES! Contact Avanti @ 7492 8000 Ext. 3176

After makan, brought mum around Sunway Pyramid to shop for my mum's mother day present. She mentioned she wanted a pair of Crocs, so we checked it out. Mum decided NOT to buy a pair because she thought RM210 for a pair of ugly, plastic looking slippers were freakin' ridiculous, haha. Ended spending more $$$$ buying a couple of items from British India (on sale!) and Xixili (you can never have enough undergarments). My goodness this place has changed SO MUCH I couldn't even recognise it anymore. Passed by Wendy's but wasn't too tempted to try their burger. Apart from the fact that my stomach was overflowing with food, the place itself didn't look appealing. Neither were the ads. I thought Carl Junior's ads were more eye-catching and yumilicious. Yum. I want an overpriced oversized Carl Junior's burger NOW.

It's Monday.

Fucking tired wei!

Am getting too old for happening weekends.

A good lazing around and potato couching would be a nice change after a long workweek. The spirit is so willing for happening stuff all the time, but the body is broken.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moulin Rouge for the Gazillionth Time.

Managed to go home early yesterday. Even managed to steal some time to watch a movie. My favourite movie of all time. Moulin Rouge. If you followed my blog for years now you would know that this is not my first time writing about this movie but I DON’T CARE.

I must've watched this damn movie a gazillion times. Every single time I watch this I am reminded of why this is probably my all-time favourite movie ever. Moulin Rouge has ruined me of musicals. I can never ever watch another musical without comparing it to Moulin Rouge. There has not been a single movie or musical which could make me feel a whole roller coaster ride of emotions and then some. I fall deeply in love, despair, exhilaration, anger, righteousness at the same time. The movie fills me with so much hope my heart could explode. And make my heart soar like a majestic eagle gliding across blue sky. And make me smile like a giddy giggly little school girl who had just for the very first time discovered love. Mygod have I told you how much I love this movie? I fucking love it. In fact the word love can’t even begin to capture my true feelings about this movie.

Ewan oh Ewan. The first time you opened your mouth to sing those magical words “my gift is my song… and this one’s for you…” I was blown away. Frozen. Speechless. Incapacitated. My eyes, they were filled with tears, my heart it was filled with hope, my head, it was filled with visions of heaven. Oh how you looked when you sang that song. How your eyes sparkled with na├»ve hopefulness and earnestness. And that shy boyish smile. The slight curve on your lips. It made me want to grab you from the screen and hold on to you forever. And you can tell everybody. That this is your song. It maybe quite simple but, now that it’s done. I hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind. That I put down in words. How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world….

Every single time you sing the love medley with Nicole I FEEL so much my tiny beating heart could implode from it all. When you sing. I sing. When you dance I dance. When you smile I smile. When you cry I cry with you. And when you sang Come What May, by the windowsill, with the soft lighting surrounding you as the camera pans in, with that look in your eye. Your hopeful lost-puppy eyed look. It was magical. Like in a dream. So romantic it made my heart break.

When the Argentinean sang Roxanne, I was sucked into a whirlwind of a completely different set of emotions. It was filled with so much raw, powerful emotions. And the tango which accompanied the Argentinean’s gritty, husky voice – perfect. Watching the dancers’ expression when they execute their choreography with precision and grace evokes a whole kaleidoscope of emotions anger, jealousy, lust, love, hate, passion. PASSION. This was the most passionate performance I have ever seen in my life. Brimming with so much sexual energy and tension. It makeS you want to grab somebody, push them against a wall, and…. Yeah. Never have I ever heard of a single musical performance which can compare to the Argentinean’s Roxanne. Nothing can ever top this. Ever. Ever. Never.

And the ending. Ohmygod the ending. When Ewan turns around, and walks slowly to the stage, while singing the “come what may” line repeatedly….. with my heart beating furiously, my breathe held, my hands trembling. Heart can pop out of my mouth can die and go to heaven straight. SO EMO OMG.

Come what may!
Come what may!
COME what mayyy!

_nose bleed pengsan_


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tiesto One Day Ticket - Cheaper than Ori.

Hi party people!!!

Dying to go for the Tiesto Rave in PD this weekend?

But for one day only?

Saturday, to be specific?

Haven't bought a ticket?

Well, I have extra ticket(s).

You can have it for RM78. Original price was RM88.

Please email me at aphroditus(at)

While stocks last. :)

P/s: Can't wait for Saturday WOOT! It's probably going to be my last rave ever (because I'm getting old and tired) so see you there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Curi Ayam (steal chicken)

Well not literally.

i'm still busy actually yeah.. but I just finished whatever I have to finish and to be able to move on I need more information from other people which is still pending and my boss is offsite at a meeting so taking a break loh.

let's just talk some cock.

Been feeling abit low this past few days. Not as in depressed or unhappy, but low as in I need to replenish my mana. Haven't recovered from my brother's wedding and then had to dive head first into so much shit at work. I need sleep. Long deep sleep and wake up only when I'm good and ready.

And I'm broke because the cashflow this month is damn tight. It's ridiculous, because it's only the beginning of the month. But my account statement is staring at my face so I guess it is true. I wish my company would settle my claims quicker. Just because they are all fat rich fuckers doesn't mean the rest of us monkey slaves are. Just because they can eat in Cilantro's everyday with their hundred thousand dollar month paychekcs doesn't mean that they can forget that the rest of us can't. Cunts. I hate it that they don't fucking understand that our measly peanut pay just can NOT cover our company expenses and they should fucking pay us back ON TIME. NOT take bloody MONTHS to approve it. Assholes.

So many weddings coming up. This month alone 2. What the hell am I going to do about angpow seeing that my bank account is at critical levels? Sian.

I need a drink, man. Who's party can I crash for free and shamelessly guzzle all the hard liqour without paying a cent? Granted I'm a nobody and nobody likes inviting nobodies for their parties but hey no harm asking right? Speaking of drinks, I owe 2 of my friends birthday drinks this month. Aiyoh.

Haven't been following the news for a couple of weeks now. Poiltically or otherwise. Looks like something exciting is coming up. After I've accomplished getting my required numbers of snooze time perhaps I'll take an interest.

ah shit. It's after lunch. Back to work.

P/s: I'm currently contemplating on NOT going for Tiesto because 1)I'm too damn tired 2) Mother's day weekend 3) I'm actually needing the cash this month. If I asked, would you be interested in buying it off me? RM88.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a Note to Say

Fall Out Boy's version of Michael Jackson's Beat it is GAY.

The lead sounds like he's got a spiked club up his nose.

and the guitar rifts sounds like NOISE to me.

Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal was 100000000 times better than this crap.

On other news:

I'm waiting to attend a meeting and it's starting really late. So here I am trying to sneak in a few paragraphs.

I really hate to admit it but Mika's Happy Ending is really catchy - it gave me the goose bumps this morning because I'm such a sucker for harmonised chorus.

Have you watched Iron Man? I've watched it twice so far. And I have to say this, the selling point for this movie for me was Robert Downey, the action, and the kick-ass soundtrack. If you took out any one of the elements the movie would've just been another uninspired Fantastic Four or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Both movies had so much potential and the CGIs were fantastic but the movies were not memorable at all... it just didn't pack the right punch. For me, Iron Man came almost close to being boring when suddenly POW WOW WHAM BAM! Then it goes back to being talky.. and slow... and BOOM! drama drama flirt flirt blah.... BANG! That's how the pace felt like that for me. But every single time there was an action sequence or when Stark was seen mucking around with his new suit it was freaking awesome.

The soundtrack deserves special mention because it had the power to compel you to WANT to kick some ass and root for the good guy when he is kicking some bad guy's ass. Also that part when Stark descends from the plane, injured - that song that was played during that moment captured it so fucking perfectly. And when he puts on his suit. And flies. JENG JENG JENG. JENG JENG JENG. Fanfuckingtastic. Unbelievable. It just FITS. SO. WELL.

And ohmygod. The first time when he finally flew properly in that new suit. THAT was my favourite scene of all.

Did you notice that when Jeff Bridges puts on his suit he looks like a Marine and sounds like a Firebat from Starcraft? I was seriously expecting him to say "Need a light?" or "Fire it up" or "Let it burn." WHAT? HE HAD THE VOICE. HE HAD TO SAY IT. -_-

I AM going to go watch the movie anyway but the Dark Knight trailers just don't quite do it for me lah (sorry!).... The Hulk trailers looks more enticing. But I've learned a long time ago NEVER to judge a movie by its trailer. Besides, I know I'm going to watch them ALL anyway so GIMMEH TICKETS OKAY! :P

Okay gtg ttyl meeting starting. :(

P/s: Btw, play with my poll on the sidebar lah! I love feedback! I'll change the questions periodically okay? :X

Monday, May 5, 2008

This is Not an Update

... and there won't be one until next week.

last week was busy with brother's wedding... now neck deep in work because everything due last week.

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy.


pictures soon k?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron Man


Let's face it. The only thing you want to know after finding this shitty result on google is weather you should watchIron Man.

With absolutely no authority at all - I declare that you must or your will never be complete.

Ask yourself the following question:

1. Have you liked most of Stan Lee's work on the big screen (with the exception of Fantastic 4 which is a huge disappointment in my humble opinion)
2. Big fan of Robert Downey Jr.?

If you answered yes to both of the above, chances are you WILL enjoy Iron Man.

Flawless CGI effects.
Robert nailing the role.
The movie being true to the comic.
Gweneth Paltrow being likeable and moderately hot.
Pretty clever lines.
Background music which makes you WANT TO KICK SOME ASS.

Do you really need more reasons why you should go watch the movie?

Honestly, I rate Spiderman 1 and Batman Begins higher than this. Spiderman 1 because it was more like a first mover advantage shock-awe feeling. Batman Begins because it was just damn awesome

Well, it might just be a tad slow for some. A tad. Especially after a long, hard day's work, when the screening is at night on a weekday, with you knowing full well that you need to wake up damn fucking early to continue working hardly the next day. With that feeling - it would kind of spoil your movie experience. Just a tad bit.

Otherwise, fucking awesome balls.

So stop wasting your time reading this mindless shit and go watch it already for fucks sakes.

... or somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad

Thanks Eyeris. :)

By the way, single malt whiskey events are really mind-blowingly awesome. _hic_