Saturday, August 30, 2008



I cant watch lah. :(


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mum and Her (Fairly) New Crocs

*toot toot. toot toot. toot toot.*


“Har. What you want”

Want free Crocs?”

“Wah. Really ah? Why ah? Why so special suddenly?”

“No lah. There, I wrote a line about how we wanted to get you a pair of Crocs, but you didn’t want it in the end because too expensive for something so plastic looking. They didn’t like that we thought it was plastic, and wanted to proof that it isn’t*. So they are offering to give you a free pair for mother’s day lah! Want or not! If don’t want I take for myself haha!”

“Want lah! Of course want! I don’t get free stuff often okay! Some more expensive stuff! Take!”

*at the store*

“Haiyah. Why must they make the shoes so ugly ah.”

“Hehe, What to do. Sensible stuff usually not pretty wan mah. Go try the shoes lah. The nice girl will help you”

*after 15 minutes*
*outside the store*

“Eh I want to wear my new Crocs now”

“Hehehe. Just now say people’s shoes so ugly, now want to wear lah”

“Of course lah. New thing must show off mah!”

mum's really expensive sandals!

"Wah your heels very high lah. You're almost as tall as me now”

“Yarloh. Long time never wear high heels already. You know, last time I always wear high heels one okay. Now can not. Give me knee pain and back ache mah.”

"Mm. I know. So how is the air from here? Fresher or not?

“Haha, very funny lah you.

“So? Happy or not?”

“Happy! Of course happy! Not everyday I get presents wan okay!”

put on your blog one ar? ok ok must smile pretty pretty.

“Wei, didn't I get you that expensive canggih, sexy, slim, handphone with mp3 player which is even more canggih than mine for your birthday?”

“Oh yar hor. Oops. Hehe”

“Cheh. So fast forget. Some more use everyday. Hmph.”


Thank you Crocs Asia and Pinang Medical Supplies for making my mum’s day! Despite what she said about them being ugly, she was positively beaming over her new pair of goodies. For the rest of the day I could do no wrong, heh!

It has been a many months since and my mum is still loving her pair of Crocs!

i also can act kiut what!

*Yup, it's really not plastic! It's made of some resin-like material called Croslite.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re: The Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony

What in the world was Rain doing there?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada

I watched it for the 37th time just 2 nights ago. The first time I ever watched it, I thought it was too slow and boring and I couldn't hear wtf meryl was saying half the time. or maybe the real reason I didn't like it the first time was because it was a bad cinema copy.

But I watched it again anyway, because I'm so crazy like that. Again and again I watched it. And the movie grew onto me. Suddenly Anne's character felt like it has so much depth. Suddenly the movie had so much resemblance to what's going on in real life. It was as if the producers captured all the mechanics of how real life really works and summarised it all in that one movie.

Anne is this simple girl who has a dream of becoming a writer. Unfortunately no one's hiring for the moment and she finds herself hired as a PA to this crazy boss from a hugely popular fashion magazine.

She wants to do a good job and sit through it for a year (good for the ye olde resume). But that would mean submerging her whole self into work, because her boss is one hard to please pain in the ass. If that isn't bad enough, the boss is so well-known, respected and feared in the industry that if Anne fucks up - she might never had the chance to write anywhere ever again.

Seems like Anne is this really nice girl who wants to do what she thinks is the right thing. By her, and by everyone else around her. She loves her family, boyfriend and her friends who she spends a lot of time with and have known since forever. And to her, they are their priority.

Were her priority. Until she lands herself on this job. Her world takes a 180 degrees about turn and her priority now is her boss and the job. She's late for every party and meeting with her friends. She even misses her boy's birthday party because she had no choice but to work overtime. She couldn't even enjoy dinner with her family she hardly sees. Family, boy and friends - they take a backseat.

But why? Only because she wants to do a fantastic job and want to get ahead. And in her pursuit of that goal - she morphs into this completely different person. Now her friends shun her and her relationship is hanging by the thread. Just because she wanted to do a good job.

But she's still a nice girl and a bit of a people pleasing doormat. Nice girls are usually like. And are prone to being affected by what other people think of her. Especially when the other people are the people she cares about. So what does she do?

She realises that she's turning into this self-preserving, self-centred, do whatever it takes to get ahead, career obsessed bitch. She doesn't like it. She quits. The end.

At first I liked the ending - girl thinks she's turning into a bitch, quits. But the more I watched it, the less satisfying it became. There were issues which wouldn't stop nagging at me.

If she wanted to do the best she possible can at her job - what's so wrong about that? Who were her friends and family judge and shun her? Especially that wimpy boyfriend of hers, that cook with a learner's license or something like that, earning jack. Who the fuck was he to keep giving her shit and not even trying to understand her for wanting to put more effort into her job which would secure her future later on?

What about that gay guy? He's the one who finishes the boss's sentence. Who knows exactly what the boss thinks and likes or dislikes. The boss's decision is his decision. He never overwrites her, never disagrees with her. To him, she is always right about everything. He deson't have a thought of his own. He repeats everything she says in his own voice. Does he go very far? Apparently he does. He's the boss's pet. But no matter how loyal or good he was, he still got screwed in the end - because the boss used him for her own benefit. I really felt bad for this guy, because I really did like his character. But in real life, pets are usually not very likeable, are they?

What bugged me the most was Meryl's character. What she said to Anne in scene where they were both in the car - about how the only real way to climb the corporate ladder is to be as conniving, self-preserving, calculative, back-stabbing, two-faced, fake like she was. How relevant is that to the real world? When you think about it, does it mean to go anywhere in life, to be somebody, one just needs to be a self-centred, manipulative, conniving jerk who doesn't give a shit about what other people think of them? And you know what's the scary thing? It might actually be true. You KNOW people like that.

There are so many characters in this movie that seemed relevant to real life - the haughty senior colleague, the scoundrel, the pleaser, the friends, the shareholder... But this post is already long enough as it is.

Do you think this movie is a fair representation of what happens in real life?

Friday, August 22, 2008

No Escape

Herro. Feeling a little bit tired from yesterday's one day business trip to the south.

Suddely depressed a bit.

Ever felt sick of having to work for everything you want?

Tired tired tired.

Think I need a break.

From everything.

Maybe it's just the PMS.

Oh well.

At least it's Friday already.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Avril, Don't Avril.

I really don't give a rat's ass if Avril comes or not but why WHY WHY WHY is it SO HARD for the authorities to grow some fucking balls and spine, MAKE a decision from the get go and then STAND by it?

Does anybody have any fucking clue how bloody ridiculous it is to see this kind of stupid inconsistent headlines every other day?

Avril set to rock KL on Aug 29
PAS Youth wants Avril show cancelled
PAS Youth slammed for calling for ban on show
Groups slam call to ban concert
Poser over Canadian rocker Avril’s concert
Support for Avril concert
Avril concert definitely on, say organisers

And surprise surprise:

Malaysia cancels 'too sexy' Avril Lavigne concert

..... and that headline is not even from any of our local paper's websites.

"It’s not good for viewers in Malaysia. We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models.”

As if ALL our local acts are clean, good role models. What The Fuck.

Obviously every single international paper and publication WILL take this opportunity to pounce on it and once again our beloved tanah tumpah darah kita is made an international laughing stock. Over such a stupid trivial issue. Kita Memang Boleh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Did Lee Chong Wei Kecundang

Wah my heart found it so hard to keep beating after watching Lee C W getting his assed TRASHED by his opponent last night. So sad. :( WHY LEE C W WHY DID YOU LET HIM OWN YOUR ASS LIKE IT WAS A WALK IN THE PARK!

And why did they print out your name on the telly as CHONG Wei Lee. -_-" Stupid white people. Did you notice that?

But he would still be the first guy to earn Malaysia a medal. Finally. Damn shy man. Tonnes of other 3rd world and 4th world countries who can't even access to basic necessities like electricity and clean water are bagging medals already but our dear country is not even in the damn list yet until last night. SHY OR NOT. BOLEH MY ASS LAH. Oops. Better stop using my ass my ass here and there, seeing that the talk of other people's ass and what other people did with it is still the hot topic of the season. WHO GIVES A SHIT LAH SERIOUSLY. STOP PULLING OUT ALL THESE CIRCUS ACTS AND START RUNNING THE COUNTRY PROPERLY ALREADY MOFOS.

Anyway, back to LEE C W. I'm so angry loh. You know why am I so angry? I am bloody pissed off because I know Lee could've done so much better than that. Didn't you think he could've done better? Anyway, apart from the fact that his opponent seemed to be the much better player, and it was China's home ground and various other reasons, I fear that there was also another major reason why Lee C W kecundang.

It was because of the contingent uniform he was wearing.

WTF I heard you say. HIS CLOTHES? How does a stupid piece of material have ANY effect on the quality of play? Stop trying to make up sorry pathetic excuses for the fact that WE STINK. Are you freaking of your bloody mind you stupid drunkard?

Hear me out one minute lah aiyoh why so fierce on a Monday morning?

First, go check out what they are wearing. It's a loose, black coloured, sleeved t-shirt right?

Okay. Now let me continue with my argument.

The T-shirt is black!!!

Any dimwit (who took some basic science in school) WILL KNOW that WARNA HITAM MENYERAP CAHAYA. MENYERAP CAHAYA MEANS WHAT. MEANS it will keep the wearer WARM. Which is why we mostly see dull, dark colours for WINTER SEASON CLOTHES. So WHY are we trying to make it feel like a freaking SAUNA for our ATHLETES while they are competing? Already the players are sweating like no tomorrow, to the point where the sweat is dripping off their shirts from the intensity of the game itself so does it really make sense TO MAKE IT HARDER ON THEM by making THEM WEAR BLACK TO KEEP THE WARMTH IN YOU STUPID BUNCH OF CRONIES WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Second point - EVERYBODY KNOWS that black is a BAD LUCK FENG SHUI COlour. And don't give me stupid excuses like how only the chinese believe in feng shui. Don't you know ALL RACES who do business BELIEVE in some form of FENG SHUI TODAY? I have Malay friends and their family who follow almost religiously the principles of feng shui. Black as the bad luck colour is almost common sense now. Ask any other WHITE dude also he knows that black is a bad luck colour. AND BLACK ISN'T EVEN OUR NATIONAL FLAG COLOUR. Don't be a fucking wiseass by saying GOT BLACK WHAT. THE OUTLINE LEH? Hahaha now please do us all a favour by throwing yourself out of the window of a tall building. Apakah warna bendera kita? MERAH. PUTIH. BIRU dan KUNING. MANA HITAM? ADA HITAM KE KAT BENDERA KITA! KALAU TAKDE HABIS KENAPA GUNA HITAM BODOH! Want to make them look cool and mat rock is it. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING FASHION SHOW LAH. NATIONS SPEND MILLION OF DOLLARS TO RESEARCH THE BEST MATERIALS TO HELP THEIR ATHLETES PERFORM BETTER IN THE OLYMPICS. BUT WE? What do we fucking do? Oh use black lah, it looks cool. STUPID!!!! Actually, you wanna save money by using basic colour is it? USE LAH FUCKING WHITE. PUTIH MEMANTUL CAHAYA OKAY. IT WOULD ACTUALLY HELP HIM KEEP COOLER ALSO. TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. See so BLOODY simple you FREAKING MONEY SUCKING IMBECILES WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Lastly - why is the damn t-shirt with sleeves? WHY. Everytime I watched our players playing I realise that they ALL do the same damn thing in between games - they keep trying to PUSH UP THE DAMN SLEEVES. Why do they keep doing that did you wonder? Well common sense screamed in my face for becing such an idiot and said "It'S BECAUSE THE DAMN SLEEVES IS IN THE FUCKING WAY THat'S WHY. IT's WET from ALL THE SWEAT and it's sticking onto their SKIN, PISSING THEM OFF, DUH!". Oh yeah hor. Did you see that China player? He was wearing SLEEVELESS and having a time of his life trashing our poor friend. Oh, you mean they wanted to sleeves to tutup aurat is it? Well then Sherlock, the fact that they were wearing SHORT SHORTS TOTALLY THROWS THAT LAME EXCUSE OUT OF THE WINDOW DOESNT IT. If really want to tutup aurat then MAKE THEM ALL WEAR TRACKPOINTS LAH MAHAI. What is the point of making it with sleeves? Waste cloth, waste money only. If those people had bothered to see how our players play on the courts they would REALISE THAT SLEEVES ARE STUPID! Bloody bitches WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF OUR PLAYERS EXCEPT HOW MANY PERCENT YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR POCKET BY SUB-CONNING THE MAKING OF TSHIRT TO YOUR BEST FRIEND!

And that, ladies and gentlemen are my arguments for what I think is one of the major reasons why our dear Lee Chong Wei kecundang in his game.

But okay lah Mr Lee! I'm still proud of you! First Malaysian medal! Yeay! I'm now going to use the typical Malaysian Boleh consolation for everytime we do badly and claim that 1) it's better than nothing, and 2) at least we are on par with Singapore. haha. hahahah. hah. I'm so funny right? Bleh.

Friday, August 15, 2008



It is the largest gaming festival in the WORLD with more than 70 participating countries, 800 grand final participants and 1.2 million worldwide participants.

Lots of competitions.
Lots of cosplaying chicks.
Lots of exhibitions.
Lots of freebies.

Basically, every gamer's fantasy come to life!

Hall 2 & 3 Midvalley Exhibition Centre

15-17th August 2008

More info?
Click on official website here!

I should be there tomorrow to check it out with my mum's trusty digicam! :P
See you there!

Thursday, August 14, 2008's Lie Detector

Have you been following it? It's quite fucked up man. This morning I heard how this woman put her husband up for the test because she suspected him of cheating. They have been married for 11 years and have 3 children. The itchy dick (hahaha) was caught when the wife read a raunchy sms from a woman on his mobile phone.

And he still had the gall to lie and say shit like "would you rather trust a machine?".

What a fucking asshole.

Makes me so angry.

Seriously for all women out there, if you discover the following:
a. naughthy smses from other women on his mobile phone
b. feminine stuff in his place (especially bedroom) which does NOT belong to you
c. correspondances from random strangers which he "met" on some online chat/friendfinder website
d. dubious pictures

.. chances are he is cheating on you.
No matter what he says.

Men will lie until the day they die about cheating.
Even when you have solid concrete prove in your hands.
Even when you have SEEN it with your very own eyes that he is in bed with another women.
They will deny it forever.

Leave that fucking loser.

No excuses.

(Unless of course you were in the wrong first then well, why don't you just do everybody else a favour and marry each other, eh?)

But sometimes it's easier said than done right.
But there are times in life when you have to collect some balls in you and JUST DO IT.
Because you deserve better than a lying, disrespecting scum of the earth.

Which is why you must always keep a job and have your OWN stream of income and NEVER EVER depend 100% on men for money. No matter how great he is, or how rich, or how nice he is to you now. One can never predict the future. Be it tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years, 20 years, 50.

Bitter? Me? No. It's called being sensible.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Call me biased, but there hasn't been a Pixar movie which I didn't enjoy.

Actually, the concept of Pixar's movies have all been very mundane. Can you guess what Pixar cartoons the following were?

race car
superhero family

Does any of the above protagonist sound very exciting to you? Everytime a new Pixar movie is shown on trailers, it doesn't compel me to really want to watch it. I mean how in hell am I going to give a shit about ants? Or rats? Or fish? Or freaking race car? And aren't there enough movies about robots and superhoes? But when I finally do watch it (and I always do) - the story telling grabs me by the shoulders and sucks me in.

Taking everyday objects and circumstances and turning it into a compelling story which appeals to the average person - you and me. That's Pixar. The extra bit where it cheesily tugs at your heart strings is most probably Disney's fault, so I'm letting that slide.

Humanising its characters. Telling a great story.
That's what Pixar does, and that is what they do incredibly well.

Their story telling is so seamless, so effortless, so simple, so flawless - it's so easy to forget about how much blood and sweat that went into the production of its movies. It's easy to forget how difficult it is to produce that kind of quality animation, and how long it took them to make it - just because their incredible work does not get into the way of their story-telling.

But how was Wall-E?

It's exactly like how you would expect a Pixar movie to be like.

Great story with a message. Heart-warming. Satisfying.

Wall-E was incredibly cute with those sad binocular eyes. Even his pet cockroach was darn cute. Who the hell can think up of having a cockroach as a pet AND making it look cute? Only Pixar.

ALL of the dialogues between the robots were in their own robotic language, and yet you have an inkling of what they are actually saying. Who the hell can think up of doing that? Only Pixar.

Wall-E has a certain familiarity in it. Maybe because Wall-E reminded me of Johnny Number 5. Maybe because Eve looks suspectingly like a MAC gadget. Maybe because the space scenes had elements of all the sci-fi movies I've ever seen. Maybe because the message has been preached so often. But, in spite of the dejavu feeling I didn't feel like Wall-E is just some overplayed try-too-hard tacky cartoon knock-off sci-fi movie. It still feels original but with a tinge of "hey.. I know you from some place!". Who the hell can combine just the right mix of familiarity and originality? Only Pixar.

Any movie which can keep a rowdy 3 year old brat sitting on his seat fairly quietly for 2 hours surely has to have some magic in it. Only Pixar.

I loved it.
I loved every single pixel, every minute of it. Even with the extra serving of Disney cheese.

Pixar has failed to dissapoint me yet again.

I'm gonna go buy me a DVD and watch this another million times more.

Thanks for the invite, Minishorts. :)

Official Website

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I couldn't sleep last night.
When I did, I dreamt about was work.
When I woke up, I dreaded waking up to go work.
Feel like crying man.

Can't go into details because this is not just any anonymous blog.

But can tell you it's not exactly an amusement park ride here.

Why don't you share with us your work woes instead.
Anonymous comments are acceptable.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from Singapore, Thoughts.

Wah I'm offline for just 1 day 1 night and missed so much kah!

Why everywhere got scandal one. Politics also got. Blogs also got. Turn head anywhere also can bump head into a scandal. Haihyah. Nothing to say about that lah. This is kinda the reason why I rather not get involved or get close to anyone in the arena. Too old, can't really be bothered, and I'm just.. tired. Not to say that it wasn't a guilty-fun read though.

Business trip was eventful. But lugging around luggage around half of Singapore wasn't really fun. Didn't have the opportunity to drink any decent alcaholic beverage to recharge myself but the hotel room I stayed in was fanfuckingtastic. Too bad it was only for a night. Didn't even have the time to soak myself in the tub, or use their other super duper canggih looking facilities. My credit card is already bleeding because of it, though. Argh. Damn the weak RM.

The trip has reaffirmed me of a couple of things
1. It's not what you know, it's who you know and
2. the ability to bullshit on the spot and convincingly will take you everywhere.

Unfortunately, I wasn't born into the first, because it's something you have to be born into. While I don't have the second either, it still can be learnt. Which takes a lot effort. And time. And me giving a fuck. Do I really give a fuck? It seems I must if I want to go anywhere and retire before I'm 40. Marrying a rich, dying old man has never been an option to me because it's downright sickening so don't you smart alecs even think about proposing it. Plus do I even have the right looks and character for this? Haha. I didn't think so either.

Made up with friends for a quick (and yucky) drink in Singapore on the first night. Malaysian by birth. Studied in Singapore after college and never come back. In fact, one of them is actually afraid of coming back to the motherland. Tanah tumpah darahnya. The place where she grew up. Why, I asked. It's so badly managed (implying the circus we read about in the papers everyday), so dangerous (implying crime rates and rempts), she said. I don't feel safe, she added. Immediately after I heard her say that, I felt a tinge of sadness. The insides of my stomach knotted. But it's home, I tried to reason. No way. It's terrible. I never want to go back, it's a scary place to be in, you can't even complain openly, she reiterated. How horrible does a country have to be for its own countrymen to be afraid of coming home to it? I feel very sad for my country. I love it. But yet at the same time I'm dissapointed. And it feels like there's nothing I can do about it. Except to leave. Peace? You call this peace? Granted we are not war-ridden, but why must we always compare to countries worser than ours? Singapore is not better, but yet its people are more contented. Spending power stronger. Perceived level of safety higher. What to do. What to do. Balik tongkanglah.

What I hate most about travelling on air by either MH or SG is how shitty and bias the service is. If you wear the same colour skin as them - you are dirt, and not worth their time. Glaring, condescending, unsmiling. How is it that they can forget that I pay the EXACT SAME FUCKING FARE as the next foreigner? As a matter of fact, who gives them more trouble in planes? Their own countrymen or the foreigner? What happened to Asian Hospitality? Is that kind of service only reserved for a certain group of elite people? Yeah, it's only from Msia to Spore but isn't YOUR job to make it THE BEST travelling experience for every single one of us, as YOUR paying customers? Fuck you, bitches. If you strip out all the perceived glamour and snottiness you guys are nothing but a bunch of overpaid waitresses with attitudes like something crawled up your ass and died. Of course, not ALL of them are like that. But a lot of them are, and they really shouldn't be. Ptooi.

I think I want to work in Singapore too. Everything is cheaper for me as a Singaporean living in Singapore than a Malaysian living in Malaysia... except for rent. Let's see how that plan comes along. Most of my plans die as soon as they come to life. And I really don't know about the people and its culture though. I don't know if I want to live with that. A SWOT analysis is in order.

Back to work. TGIF.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Business Trips

Don't know if I'll get used to it.

You know how sometimes you wished you had something you don't have and once you had the taste of that one thing you wanted so badly you realised that it wasn't all that great afterall?

I always thought business trips would be something glamorous. I see these people at the airport looking sharp and hoity-toity, carrying their laptop bags and overnight carry-ons, fervently checking their blackberry while talking into their bluetooth headsets - and I think to myself, "What would I give to trade in my 10 hour deskjob for that."

Sometimes I see my colleagues from work carrying their luggages to the office and scheduling their transport, getting their hotel rooms booked, speaking to the people from the other countries to fix their appointments - and they are dreading it. I wondered why. Anything had to be better than being chained to their desk.

Hahaha. I had my first business trip a few months back. The whole illusion of livin' the jet-setting yuppy live went down the drain after just one business trip

Lies. All lies.

Back to back meetings. Fire-fighting issues back in HQ over the phone. Forking out endless $$$ first and then waiting for months before your claims are banked in. Endless custom checkpoint Q-lines. Milking your credit card dry because everything out of Malaysia is a gajillion times more expensive. Budget travel, budget food, budget accommodation, on a budget allowance. Not even a company laptop or Blackberry, not that I want a Blackberry anyway, but I'm just bitching.

Definitely not fun when you are a small fry with just about no perks.

Damn you hollywood movies. Damn you Eyeris. Damn you people with high-flying jobs and even higher flying pays.

In spite of all that I still prefer this so much more than a 24-7 deskjob. Seriously, does this aging face look like damn robot who enjoys sitting in one place for long hours at a time staring at the monitor slowly killing off my braincells, pushing paper? Absofreakinglutely not. I get so freaking restless and cranky there are days where I'd feel like ripping the phone off and throwing it at somebody just to create some chaos and distruption in my routine.

But give me another few more months. I might actually start hating travelling too. You know me, Ms Bitch About EVerything But Don't Do Anything About It. :P

In a few hours, I'l be flying down south to our friendly neighbourhood Singapore. Whee! Any chance that one of you five readers might be a Singaporean? Well if you do see me waltzing around your city, please don't throw rotten eggs toward my general direction. I'm just a harmless little corporate slave android, being there, minding my own business, doing my job.

You could however, buy this poor bugger a very needed drink. I really, really love Brewerks!

But I don't even enough time to kaikai also. Or have drinks. :(

So, what is there to do in Singapore if I'm only there for 1-3 days with no budget?

Monday, August 4, 2008

28 Already

2 days ago.

.... and still aimless, haha.

Belated Happy Birthday to me!

Don't feel a difference though. So stop asking me how it feels goddamnit!

Thank you very much for all the smses! Thank you for remembering! It really made my day. :)

Spent the day catching a movie, having an awesome dinner, and then drinking aftewards.

Ever tasted my first flaming! I know, a bit late right? Better late than never I guess.

It doesn't taste very good though.

At the club, I realised that I don't really enjoy velvet that much anymore.

Probably because the music really sucked wet donkey balls.

and I was thinking to myself, I'm 28. What am I proud of. How many good friends do I have? But I couldn't really hear myself think because the lousy music was too loud.

Aspirations? Couldn't think of any on Saturday. Can't think of any now.

But I guess something along the general lines of lots of money, less headache at work, less bills, more happy. :P

Was also thinking about how I should spend more time doing the things I like, and with the people I love. But how do you go about doing that when work takes up so much of my time and energy?

What's worse, it's not even what I wanted to do. Still. My god. What's up with that? Bad jobs graavitate to me like I'm a black hole.

What would I rather be doing? Hmm. Spend more time blogging, yum cha with friends a bit more. See my mum a bit more during the weekdays. Sleep. Read a good book. Go to the gym. Eat healthier. Travel like I intended to. Keep in touch with my overseas friends.

Definitely not spend all my time worrying about things getting fucked up at work.

Feeling really tired. Maybe it was a bad idea. But maybe it's too soon to say. I'm no quitter. But I AM really tired.

I don't wish for more time in a day. I wish for less time in the office. Because when I am on my deathbed, I won't ever wish that I spent more time at work. I would've wished that I spent more time doing what I love doing, and spending more time with my loved ones. And I'm 28 already. If I don't do that now, when will I ever start doing it, right? One more year? Two more years? 5? 10? When is it ever a good time to spend less time at work? Tell me lah!

Money is important though. Sigh.

Getting married? Hah. Long time more lah. No rush. Eventhough most of my friends ARE married already. I don't personally feel the need to go get myself hitched. Or is that something I say to myself to console? Hmmm. Nah. I'm okay, really. I'm happy for everybody. :) But yes I do realise that my "market value" will drop over time and I should really start thinking about it so get off my back okay? :)

Time to start work. Happy Monday!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Civil Disobediance

I filed it in and I posted my cheque. It was quite a big sum too. Like, 4 figures - thanks to backdated numbers.

It's been almost a year since. Nobody's cashed it in. The money is still sitting in my current account, rotting.

If I'm not mistaken, cheques die after 6 months.

I guess they don't need my money.

They can't say I didn't try, right? I got proof in copy!

I'm not even going to bother writing them another one just because of THEIR incompetence.

It's not as if they don't automatically deduct it from my monthly salaray anyway.

Plus I'm so fucking SICK of all the freak shows and the circus acts that's being reported on our papers while they do SQUAT at making this country a better place for us to live in. And they have the bloody CHEEK to tell ME to plant vegetables and take the fucking public transport as they happily use MY hard earned money to pay for THEIR expensive foreign cars, ginormous houses, fancy parties and their overseas "lawatan sambil belajar" excursions.

The thought of how you guys are running this place makes me sick.