Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shows that rocks my socks

I hardly watch the tv anymore. That's mostly because everytime when I'm home, the telly is on the damn chinese channels which annoys the shit out of me. Stay with family mah, what to do. But, whenever (HAH. IF ever) I do get my chance with the telly, I usually surf around these few channels - Discovery travel and living, AFC, hallmark, AXN, starworld, E news, Discovery. In that order.

I did use to enjoy watching Mtv but not until bloody emo rockers, angsty hiphoppers, teenage reality shows took over the channel and transformed it into rubbish. Starworld isn't even my favourite channel anymore eversince an entire slew of stupid mind numbing for "housewives and college kids only" series came on air - one tree hill, the oc, desperate housewives, private practice, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, 90210... and not to mention the hundreds of idiotic reality tv shows which just makes me want to smash the tv into a million pieces......

So despite my rather happening, hectic lifestyle (not!) I try really hard to catch these few shows which are my favourite-st shows evAr.

Thirsty Traveller
It's not very hard to see why I love this show.
3 words.
Guy. Drinks. Travel.
When I grow up, I want to be just. like. him.

The "eat too full nothing to do" kings. Seriously how did anybody come up with this idea to set up a team which does all sorts of weird experiments just trying to bust myths? How?Why? The stuff they do and the crazy shit they come up with are too bloody hilarious! Who would've thought about folding paper the size of a plane hangar just to dispel the "you can't fold paper more than 8 times" myth. It's a complete waste of time, but incredibly too much fun. Science? and fun? Who would've thunk?

Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe
Everytime I watch this show I can't help but smile. Mike reminds me of Hugh Laurie somewhat. But that's not the only reason why I like dirty jobs. This guy goes into the sewer, swims in shit, has his face covered in shit, can practically taste the shit in his mouth and still can afford to crack side splitting one liners. Love it!

Jamie Oliver
Everytime he is cooking he makes me want to lick the tv screen. He makes everything look so DELICIOUS! Completely messy, but YUMMY. I get hungry after watching an episode of Jamie Oliver. Every time. He makes cooking look so fun even I feel like cooking. _shudders_

Man vs Wild
It's hard to not like this crazy nut who wants to be left in the middle of no man's land only to try and escape it with nothing except his clothes on his back. Crazy fuckers who do strange things like that are high on my "very cool" list. But we all know that there's an entire crew we don't see who are there on back up and make sure that he DOES get his clean water and bug free food. And I really do pity his cameraman who's in more shit than he is because not only does he have to surive through the ordeal with him, he carries the CAMERA. But what I don't see, don't count I guess. Plus it doesn't hurt that the fellow is kinda cute. and hunky.... WAHKAKAKAKAKA. :P

What's your favourite shows on tv these days? And if you say friends reruns or grey's anatomy I will personally hunt you down and cut of your toes off with a rusty blunt blade.


I'm very upset at myself at the moment.

I hate myself for generally being nice, accomodating and not assertive enough.

But I'm working on it.

I will grow some balls.

And when tell the next fella tries to bully me I will say to that person - SUCK ON IT BITCH.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I dropped by car keys into the toilet today.

Fucking gross.

Well, at least it wasn't number 2.

And definitely better than dropping my car keys next to my car and not knowing about it until someone calls me up from the police station.


Anyway, my car keys still work fine.

Thank goodness it's perodua. keke :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Malaysia vs Singapore and the Return of the Travelling Bug.

It's been only 3 days since I've been back.
It made me realise how much I really missed certain things in Malaysia.
... and how I'm already starting to miss certain things in Singapore.

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Food
4. My car

1. Clean, maintained, taxis with un-dodgy looking drivers
2. MRT
3. Cleanliness
4. SGD1 for a can of coke (looking at it from a dollar to dollar point of view)
5. How I can just get to anywhere by foot of public transport
6. The general "safe" feeling

It's sad to say that at the end of the day, it feels like, at the moment, the only thing thats keeping here is not even the country itself but my personal relationships with the people I like and love.... who could always follow me down to singapore.. :P

But singapore has this cold, self-absorbed culture. It's definitely not a place to retire because once you're not useful to the economy anymore you're tossed aside like used tissue. That's the general feeling I get and have heard from the older more experienced folk.Niamah! :P Okokok I'm going to get that damn camera soon lah!!!

That strong urge to want to travel and see the world is back again. It's poking my heart and tugging at my stomach. Again. I'm 28. If I don't do this now, when will I ever do it? Yet, I can't do it now because I don't have the money, which I'm working for, and getting measly amounts of. And it seems like I'll never earn enough to meet my goal. But I have to go NOW because I'm getting older and there will be only more commitments to come. But I can't because I'm in the middle of nowhere of my career and if I stop now it would mean a blimp in the middle of nowhere. Which put me in the same level as a... fresh graduate except I'm like 7 years older than them, lose-lose for me. I fucking hate catch 22s.

I have to do this. Otherwise it'll keep nagging at me and I won't feel complete. But when? And how? What can I do oh what can I do?

I know one thing I should do is to get out of my ass and get some serious initial research done on this. It's not as if it will miraculously appear in my mailbox one day with complete details on where to go, how to get there, where to live and to get it all done on no budget, would it? Would it?? ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 19

Weather's getting really erractic. One day rain rain rain rain rain. Another day humid like fuck. Yet another day scorching sun fries you. What the hell is going on?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is seriously rocking my socks off. Bought a pint of cookie dough and it feels like I can't have enough of it but I MUST STOP EATING NOW. Freaking pringles of ice-cream. Why do you have to be so good and expensive. :(

I've seen too many girls here wearing many variation of gladiator sandals. I know it's supposed to be some latest trend or whatever but NO. UR DOIN IT RONG. Just because the ppl behind their multibillion corporates tell you it is doesnt make it IT. NO NO NO.

Tired. Have to wake up at 5 something AM tmrw to catch the first flight back then straight to the office. Sigh. Liddat lah.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 17 & 18: Buskers, Xmas Deco, Allergies, Food

Long fucking day. But let's not talk about work. Ever.

I was wondering over the weekend, if those buskers/beggars in Orchard street needed a permit or not. I mean, this is a country which regulates everything after all! Then I found out later, to me (un)surprise that they DO need permits after all. holy shit what the fuck?

I saw more sparrows in Orchard Road. Yeay! It's alive!

The Christmas decorations are starting to come up. It's looking quite festive. Except I think everybody's cutting back on expenditure so it looks very.... moderate. 10 years ago when I was visiting in Singapore, the decos were hardcore full on extravagant. Ginormous trees and tree decorations, Santa on his sleigh pulled by giant reindeers, giant gingerbread/toy houses, fake snow, blinking lights everywhere, giant snowmen, giant fake snowflakes..... maybe it's still early. Let's wait till next month to really see.

I have to start facing facts. I wasn't sure before.. but I'm quite sure now... I think I'm allergic to beer. Coz everytime after I drink beer, the bottom part of my left eye where my eyebag is always swell. Looking like a big mosquito bite. seriously I swear to your god. Just on my left eye. Mosquito bite. Everytime I have beer. Is this an allergic reaction? Sigh. One less reason to live.

Have had the pleasure of tasting some Singaporean hainanese chicken rice at some famous market place in tanjang pagar. It was actually quite good. Got taste and everything yum yum and it was only 2.80!!!! CHEAP! AND NOT BAD! CAN CRY LOH! Then I had some fish slice mee hoon soup at market place, 5 bucks. Wasn't half bad, but something was still missing. The meehoon was the laksa noodle type. Quite weird. But okay lah, not bad.

Back to Malaysia on Friday. Singapore counter shall be paused momentarily.

Sleepy already. G'nite!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 14,15,16

Oh crap. Haven't updated in 3 days. Guess I'll do it in point form to keep it short. :)

Avenue Q was good! But I did expect the original cast, and this show was mostly a Filipino cast. But still, I hummed along every song, laughed at every joke, clapped after every section. The main actress was mind blowingly fantastic. Trekkie Monster is still one of my favourite character. The internet is for porn shall remain one of my favourtise songs. :) But SGD80 for a 2 hour show is still very very painful, hehe. It's playing until the end of the week - you really should catch it!

Brewerks right after. One whole tower full of golden ale. We were all very happy. And LOUD. VERY loud. Hehehe. Finally met Ah Suanie's Ah Seng who is freaking hilarious and one of the most interesting characters I have ever met! Hellow! Nice to meet you! Can I get some beer credits too? :P

Then ramen right after. Char Siew ramen. At orchard Plaza. It was about 12+ bucks. VEry fucking worth it. Juicy Charsiew. Springy noodles. Tasty soup ooh the soup was good! So fanfuckingtasticly yummy..... I need another bowl right now.... MMMmMMmmmmMMmmMmmm... Why is it the food that 's been good so far are the ones which are not local? Heh, so weird.

Walked along Orchard Road again. Met up with friends. Walked about abit. Stopped by for Coffee Bean. Lamented at how things are so much more cheaper for a Singaporean and etc...

Finally saw some real life birds along the streets. Phew. They DO exist!

One thing which was pointed out to me was that the pavements are so smooth. No cracks. No unevenness. No stray weeds. So clean well maintained. And... nice. In Kl, I would be tripping all over the place, dodging roots and open drains. Sigh.

Also visited Plaza Singapura today. Their carrefour has an extensive selection of foreign beer! It was a whole SHELF filled with beer from all parts of the world! US, China, Bavaria, Belgium... etc... etc.... PROJECT! I'm so going to try every beer there is and then blog about it! Just you wait for it! _excited_ It even had Carls Junior! So of course must try.... but nothing special loh, sigh.

(Btw, Ah seng - Flying dogs not very nice lah. you bluff me. :( )

First day of work. Yeay. Nothing to say about that.

Tried Mos burger again, but this time - tried their rice burger. It sucked big time. No surprises there right?

So tired, and tomorrow's only Tuesday.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 13: Loof, Duty Free Booze, Avenue Q, MSG, First Thai

Just came back from a night out with very old friends. Not old as in the age, but old as in I've known them for almost forever. :)

Was at the Loof. It's fucking hot. That's all I can say. Fucking smoldering humid I hate this shit so much pls kill me now hot.

And man, drinking really isn't cheap here. Not for a Malaysian anyway. NOTHING is cheap for a Malaysian here ARGH. Everything is really cheaper here for a Singaporean. Almost everything. For some strange reason I just can NOT ACCEPT THIS FACT. IT IS SO UNFAIR.

Someone questioned how the hell we malaysians manage to freaking survive in malaysia. pay sucks. cost of living sky high. fucking weak ringgit. nothing works. elephants fight for their own egos while ants die in the middle. i couldnt respond to that. suddenly being proud about how great our food is doesn't quite matter anymore. Depressed. Considering slitting wrists. Thinks of penang char kuay teow. mmmm. will defer and reevaluate thought of slitting wrists until I have my next png char kuay teow. mmmm.

I can't believe I can actually forgot to blog about this but WHY THE FUCK ARE MALAYSIANS NOT ALLOWED TO FREAKING PURCHASE DUTY FREE BOOZE AT THE AIRPORT WHY WHY WHY OHGOD TELL ME WHY YOU FUCKING @#($*&(@*&#(*!@&#(*!#@ I tried to buy something from our KLIA airport - cannot. singapore custom don't let, try at Changi? I go Changi. I try to buy something. Oh you Malaysia ah - sorry kenot. WHY KENOT. Custom say kenot. Go outside there read the sign okay?

WHY WHY WHY WHY AREN'T MALAYSIANS ALLOWED TO BUY YOUR GODDAMN DUTY FREE BOOZE WHY. Don't lah put a blanket ban. I understand that you want to stop these 1 day goers from buying but don't stop ppl who will be staying in your teeny tiny island for more than one week from buying liquour. IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP MY SANITY INTACT HERE WITHOUT HAVING TO URGE SOMEBODY'S EYE OUT WITH MY PENCIL OKAY WTF. WHY WHY I DEMAND A FREAKING EXPLANATION RIGHT NOW. eventhough I'm sure I can google for it. I rather have more comments from irate singaporeans telling me that i'm such a stupid ugly idiot and that i should die and go to hell for being such a stupid malaysian. Burn in hell, haters.

Wow. Bitchy mode a bit on. Drinking does that to me now. Actually Bitch is my my middle name. It is a silent word. And invisible. Which is why you don't see it in between Fire and Angel. But trust me, it's there.

Suanie is here. With Paul. YEAY! We're all going to watch Avenue Q. It better not suck I swear I'll torch the damn esplanade down. The fucking tickets cost us about RM trillions dollars stupid goddamn useless ringgit ARGH STOMP THE ANNOYING SHITTY RINGGIT ARGH

I feel damn tak puas loh. What is so great about Malaysia apart from the food. List me 5 good things for you and me about our great tanahair. Good luck with that. No don't give me shit like we're not at war, we're not all hardcore poor, we have letrik and clean water (yeah right) and lame crap like that. REAL REASONS.

Hey you singaporeans. Is there some kinda regulation about MSG being banned here? Is that why food here isn't all that tasty or fulfilling? Please confirm. CONFIRM THIS. I KNOW HOW EAGER YOU ARE AT DEFENDING YOUR PERFECT COUNTRY SO BRING IT ON.

Sorry, I'm not usually that confrontational (lies) but the alcohol in me really loosens up my fingers.


*cue chorus of angels singing*

It's at a place called First Thai along Purky (?) Road. OMG. IT IS TASTY. ALMOST AUTHENTIC. THE TOMYAM. THE GREEN CURRY CHICKEN. Even their waitresses were REAL THAIs. holy shit i can actually TASTE THE FOOD. IT WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD SO GOOD. And not only do I taste the food, it actually tastes AWESOME. Every time I chew my food tears of joy would start streaming out of my eyes, the clouds would part and a ray of light would shine from the heavens, . It was that good. Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but it is a serious change from what I've been getting at the damn food courts in CBD. My friend promises she will take me to the best chicken rice she has ever tasted (she is Malaysian by the way - so I KNOW I CAN TRUST HER). I can't wait CAN'T WAIT CANT FUCKING WAIT my stomach is jumping so hard from joy that it's tickling my tonsils.

See? I don't hate everything about Singapore. Actually I never said I hate everything about Singapore. Cis where the fuck did you guys ever got that idea from? Stop taking your drugs man.

Okay it's wayyy past my bedtime. I need to enjoy THIS weekend coz I didn't have a weekend LAST weekend and I freaking deserve THIS one damnit!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 12: Back, Please Move, Seeing-Eye Dog, Sick.

Whenever I see someone standing on the right side of the elevator escalator and not moving I feel like taking my foldable umbrella and shoving it into the fuckers skull. HOW CAN SHE/HE NOT KNOW THAT THE RIGHT SIDE IS FOR MOVING. YOU WANT TO STAND STILL YOU STAND ON THE FUCKING LEFT TIUNIASENG.

Ditto for fuckers on the travellators. MOVE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!


I saw a blind guy in the mrt station today. He had a seeing-eye dog. It was a labrador. So cute! This would be the first time in my entire life that I've actually SEEN a real seeing-eye dog. I've read about them so much when I was younger. Have always been fascinated by them - they are so intelligent and loyal. I WANT A LABRADOR!!!!

I should stop expecting food here to taste like in Msia. It's a whole different country afterall. Maybe if I took away the expectations I wouldn't bitch about the food so much. But you see, if it tastes different, it's still okay because there is still a taste, like what Patrick says. If it's just BLAND? Then cannot accept lah, sorry guys. My typical Malaysian tongue is fucked up already. Need stronger tasting everything!

I'm falling ill. Nose runny like a leaking faucet. Last week been really crazy with work and I think it's taking a toll on me.

8.30 meeting tmrw, time for bed! Nites.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008







can't believe I'm more excited about theirs than ours!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Dark Outside.

Feeling like that half a second breath you steal just before the unforgiving current of the sea pulls you under to your death.

Take a second from your routine to wonder – why the hell do you keep doing this? Is it what you want? Is this what you need? Will you die without it? Is there a real answer to routines and are the answers really legit? Or just lies you use to console yourself to get through the day?




Your lifetime?

Brush it off and then go on with your work.

Oblivious to the sound of crashing thunder.

Warning you of an impending storm.

Monday, November 3, 2008

No Rest For the Weary

Saturday - work
Sunday - work
Monday -work

rest? what rest? I'll get all the rest I need when I'm dead, thanks very much.

Hp at critical levels. I'm fucking cranky.

Hope your weekend was better than mine. Share.