Thursday, December 17, 2009


The light at the end of the tunnel is just a reach away, I can almost feel it at the tip of my fingertips.

I've been so out of touch with what's going on at home. With friends, family and everything in between. Like an invisible stranger peeping into a house. Only able to see, and hear what was going on inside - but not being able to be part of it. I can't believe how many freaking awesome parties I missed out this year! Bloody hell!

There were so many exciting/new/interesting things I could blog about this year, and I was really tempted to, but I never had the urge to type it down. By the time I got home I rather pop open a can of beer and stone in front of the telly. Exhausted from spending way too much time at work. I suppose taking pictures in my mind was good enough. At least you and I know for sure that I'm not that much a hitwhore or a slave to hitmoney. ;) And there goes all my future freebies! But that's okay though, I still have "fehmes" friends to parasite on. :)

There will be parts of this place I shall always miss and wished that I never had to leave it. I'd miss the independence. A place I call my "own". The accessibility. The not being in a jam. The safe feeling - knowing that I won't be cheated by a taxi, knowing that there's not a very high chance that my bag would get snatched. The bars being just 5 minutes away. The MRT just 5 mins away and taking me to places I actually WANT to go. The crazy variety of booze in the supermarket. The pretty colours of Xmas along Orchard. The no smoking anywhere accept in yellow boxes. The RM2.80 SGD2.80 chicken rice. The ramen shops. The sake. Ice Cold Beer. The absolute happiness of finding really cheap groceries in Chinatown. Wala wala. Clarke Quay. Clean, working public toilets. Morton's free steak sandwiches.

I could go on and on. But like Dorothy said, there's just no place like home.

I'd like to believe that over the past year that I've grown as a person. That I've learnt more about life, about work, about myself.

The hardest part about leaving are my friends. The old ones, the new ones, the ones I haven't had the chance to make. I was saying goodbye to a couple of them already, saying how much I would miss them... as if they were lovers I was saying goodbye to. I wish there was more time. Suddenly there's so much I still want to do. See. Taste. Hear. But there's no more time left.

Oh well. It was a great run.

It was great fun.

But it's time to go home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

away. indefinitely.

figuratively speaking, there's a dementor sucking away every bit of happiness from my body and my will to live.

so no more energy to blog for the moment. at least not until i've finally figured a way to patronus charm the fucker to oblivion.

p/s: what the hell?!?!? i'm referring to harry potter?!?!?! i must be in worst shape than i thought.

Update (14/7/09): In case you don't already know, I'm still twittering, at least. Check out my side bar ---->

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not an update

Sorry, very busy. Bali updates tergendala untuk sementara waktu.

Meanwhile, check out the trailers of the movies I really want to watch.

Coco Avant Chanel
- A french film about the genius behind the label. Audrey Tautou stars in it and she hasn't been in any movie which sucked so my money is on this movie not sucking.

Transformers - Childhood superhero robots, can't miss it even if it might suck (because Michael Gay has that gift to fuck things up for all of us).

Up - Another Pixar film which will be great because Pixar cartoons have been consistently great so it shouldn't start sucking now.

Fame- Might be fun, like how Mama Mia was fun. I'm a HUGE sucker for synchronised group dancing and harmonised singing. In case you were wondering - No, I never watched High School Musical and never will. I do have some standards, you know.

Dance, Subaru! - Based on the Japanese manga with the same name. It's about a girl who aspires to be a dancer and could be goosebumps inducing. I'm a sucker for goosebumps. Don't diss this movie because it stars several hot Japanese chicks often wearing tight tight clothes and frequently being in compromising positions.

What are your must watch's of the year?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great Bali Trip 2009 - Saturday (I)

We hadto wake up before 2am for the trek up the Mt. Batur volcano. Crazy right? Crazy. So both Suanie and I tried to get some shut eye at about 8 something, 9pm the night before. Actually unknown to Suanie who I found out the next morning could not sleep a wink, I woke up almost every hour because the walls were too damn thin and there were too much noise from people moving about. However, I was determined to stay in bed because zomg trekking up a mountain is no bloody joke and the thought of having no sleep for the next 24 hours is not very appealing to me.

I'm not the most adventurous person on earth, but I've done my share of out doorsy adventure stuff, ie - trekking up hills and through forests to know that this fun-filled activity requires a lot of energy, water and some fitness levels to go through it. It's hard work. It's nonstop hardcore walking and trekking through rough, uneven, unpaved lanes. I already know the drill. But I had found out a little too late that Suanie expected something a little different, but more on that later. So when Suanie very excitedly told me a few weeks before about wanting to do this VOLCANO climb to catch the sunrise, I was a little skeptical. VOLCANO? TREK? A FEW HOURS? SUANIE? IS SHE KIDDING?!?!? Then again, I reminded myself that this was the same person who organised a trip to the quite challenging Chiling Falls and then I felt fairly confident that Batur wouldn't be a problem either.

So Yande, our hired tour guide for the weekend (Suanie fixed this up for us, because I'm a lazy bitch and left all organising details to her and she did an exceptional job at it!*kiss ass kiss ass*) picked us up from our hostel at about 2am. When we had to wake up at about 1 something I had a good mind to tell Suanie to do this herself because I really badly wanted to bloody sleep and it's a damn holiday and I'll sleep in if I want to but decided to just go with it. It took us about 2 hours to get to the mountain, and I slept through most of the journey. You could say I'm the worst/best passenger on earth because every time a trip takes longer than 15 minutes my system would automatically shut down. ZZZzzzz. Whenever I woke up I would notice that everything around me was covered in darkness. ZZzzzz. 2 am is still too damn early to be awake lah really.

Finally reached the foothill of the mountain and Yande arranged for a guide to take us up the mountain. It was about 4am and we were still surrounded by blackness. Without a torchlight you couldn't even see your own toes. So whoever thought they could've done this without the local guides either had a death wish or were out of their freaking minds. Paid for our guide, quick toilet break, quick intro to our mountain guide (wayan) and off into the darkness we go.

We were on the way to trek up a live 1707 km high volcano. In almost complete darkness. With nothing but a guide and our tiny LED torchlights. Walking through uneven clearings filled with rocks, pebbles and lava ashes. After about 15 mins to half an hour, we took a quick breather. We still couldn't see much but outlines of the path immediately ahead of us with the help of our torchlights. Apart from Wayan, another small guy named Ketut (who would sell us drinks when we are up on the volcano later) accompanied us too. Some small talk was made between the guides and us. Noticed a few other smaller groups ahead of us and behind us. It felt chilly, decided to put on my jacket. Nothing to see. Still too dark. This was work man. It's not some leisurely walk by the flower park. We had to focus and just keep moving. March on.

After our second or third quick stop within the first 15-30 minutes of our trek, Suanie began to show signs of cracking. At the first and second stop she was saying the expected "omg, i'm not fit man shit" which I was also also thinking to myself about myself. But after the third or fourth stop she felt I think, exponentially worse with each stop and we had to stop after almost every 20 steps. You see, she had for some unexplainable reason, JUST realised that the trek up the mountain was NOT going to be something as easy as say, a walk by the beach or even a trek through a forest reserve. We were going uphill most of the time, on very uneven ground, navigating around rocks and which stuck out at every wrong angle possible. We were both carrying backpacks with some essentials, eg, water, jackets etc. She had NOT foreseen that it would be so tough. In her mind we would just reach the peak and take pictures of the sun rise. Her brain did not process that we actually had to CLIMB this thing.

Suanie looked like she was ready to pass out, from my point of view. I shit you not. She was in very bad shape. Panting very hard, pale as a ghost, sweating, she wore the most miserable expression on her face that would shatter the hopes of even the world's biggest optimist ever. I had also suggested that we should slow down our pace because we were going quite fast, but Suanie would have none of that. She said that she was used to walking fast and that slowing down would be somewhat of an effort. Through the entire time I had also tried to encourage her through very poorly chosen words and tone (imagine how a perky cheerleader would sound like) which not only did not help her situation, but I think also made her felt so bad that she had to asked me very nicely, to STFU. I felt really stupid and horrible for making her feel worse. :( At this point in time, I have to honestly say that I also had thought Suanie wouldn't make it to the top. I didn't know what else to do or say anymore to perk her up. We still had at least another 1.5 hours to go at least and we were barely 3/4 of the way to the top. Groups which started later than us were passing us by. At this rate my OCD mind thought that we might not make it to the top in time for the sunrise. Suanie was in bad shape. We just can't go on. I was already making up my mind that this was climb was a crazy idea and that we should head straight down.

Suddenly, Wayan suggested that I should go ahead with Ketut and that he and Suanie would take it slow and catch up with us later. I had never thought that this would be an option before but it took me less than 10 seconds to agree to his suggestion. While I hoped with every fibre of my being that Suanie will make it to the top, apart of me wasn't too sure anymore. There and then I thought it was best that one of us go first so that at LEAST one of us would at least attempt to be on time to catch the sunrise which we both can enjoy later digitally. So I left her with our very abled Wayan and continued trekking with Ketut.

Read Suanie’s version of our third day Part 1 here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Bali Trip 2009 - Friday

(Been a long couple of weeks. Apologies for the lack of updates. Had work and a life to attend to, no more spare energy left to blog. No time to process pictures either. Will edit posts with pics later. :P)

Woke up relatively early for some hotel breakfast which wasn't life changing. I think I had toast, cheese & bacon - it was dry. And I had asked for boiled water because it was either that or papaya/banana/watermelon juice, coffee or tea. None of the options appealed to me. Unfortunately, boiled water tasted salty. Note to anyone who's going to go Bali - always drink bottled water. Always. Everything from the tap tastes salty. If you're anything like me and prefer your water to not taste of anything, always choose bottled water. And not any bottled water, mind you. Don't go for the one branded "Club". Club tastes weird. Go for the one manufactured under Nestle. That's still okay. But mineral water in generaly has that slight weirdish minerally taste anyway which really bothers me, but hey, give me some water with hint of mineral than full on salty one any day.

Took a walk by the beach with Suanie. It was really, really nice. Breezy, sunny, sandy, wet. Got our feet and slippers wet every time the waves decided to come and splash on us. It was fun attempting to avoid it while laughing at ourselves silly for not quite being able to run away from it. At this point of time, it felt like I didn't have a thing to worry about. All the worry just slipped away as the waves rushed back to the ocean. It was so liberating to just not care. Felt like I never wanted to go back to Real Life. It's been so long since I last felt like this. So... free.

Tonnes of tourists by the beach of course (mostly mat sallehs). Hot ones, old ones, young ones, fat ones, fit ones. There were so many white people it was almost as if we were in Hawaii. Almost. They were everywhere - sun bathing on rented beach chairs under rented beach umbrellas, surfing with rented surfboards, getting touted by #@($*@ touters selling everything from fruits to beads.

Walked back towards the paved roads and chanced upon a Starbucks. Maybe not by chance. I bet Suanie was subconsciously drawn to it because she has this Starbucks tracking device embedded into her nose and her nose led us to it. Just can't run away from the damned Starbucks. Of course we had to go in. Had our brunch of ice lemon teas (which wasn't salty) and sandwich and we were off towards Legian.

We did too much walking on this day. We passed by never ending rows of shops selling everything from tshirts to seafood and it just kept going and going and going. After a while all the shops started to looke the same. We must've walked for hours under the frying hot sun in the 1000% humidity level thinking we could get to this place called Kudeta from Legian by foot. Straight road only what. Straight straight straight. Straight my ass. We just kept walking until we felt like we couldn't walk anymore (about 3 hours I shit you not) and then decided to stop to ask for directions. Only to find out that there were still too many kms left and that it was nearly impossible to get there by foot and not die of exhaustion by the end of it (I exaggerate here. Of course you could walk it, you could walk all the way to bloody Ubud if you want to. It's not impossible, but you gotta be out of your bloody mind if you really wanted to, that's all I'm saying). Right there and then, we decided to grab a cab. And I like to quote Suanie here that "That was the best Rph30,000 (about Rm11) we've spent in Bali". That cab was practically life saving. I think we didn't even bother bargaining. Even if he charged us 50 bucks we might have taken it...... actually no, 50 bucks is a little too much. Maybe 20. or 30. Not 50, though.

I have to honestly say that I was a little apprehensive about Ku de ta at first. You know how when you get a recommendation from a friend (in this case it was Suanie's friend Ah Seng) telling you how awesome this place/food/drink/movie/book is and no matter how much you try to tell yourself not to do it you will, consciously or unconsciously set a certain level of expectation which is of course a level much higher than when you didn't know anything about the place/food/drink/movie/book? Ku de ta was like that for me. After hearing (or rather, reading) Ah Seng's rave about the place I was worried that it would end up to be some overpriced stupid tourist trap for silly rich tourists who didn't know better and therefore, not meet my expectation of it being a scenic, ambient chill out haven I had imagined it to be. I was already constructing a nasty email to Ah Seng in my mind which would begin something along the lines of "Dear LYING SON OF A BITCH! KU DE TA SUCKED..... etc."

So I was right. It didn't meet my expectations.

Kudeta trashed it to a bloody unrecognisable pulp.

The place was in the middle of nowhere, and the exterior of it was very unassuming. But once you enter the actual place itself, it felt like an oasis. Tastefully decorated with stones and wood, the entire place gives you a up market lounge/chill out area feeling. It feels like... a cross between Luna bar and Bar Savanh but a million times better. We managed to get an awesome corner overlooking the beach to catch the sunset. But eventhough it was really cloudy and we didn't manage to catch too much of the sun, being there itself was the best shit that happened to me in a long time. We didn't even say much to each other. Suanie and I were contented just sitting/lying on the couch, stuffing our faces with pork ribs and the best pizza in the world, guzzling down bottles of ice cold Bintang, and chilling. It was bliss. Suanie blurted out something like "I wished you were my boyfriend!" Ghey. lol. It is a great place to bring your partner. I don't care how much this fucks up your expectations of this place but I very highly recommend that you make a mandatory pit stop here if you're making a trip to Bali. Evening is best. No sun? No matter. Just being there is so bat shit crazy amazing you won't even miss the sun. Seriously, just go there.

We stayed till the sun had set, and decided to leave at about 6 plus? As if we had completely forgot about treacherous afternoon, we decided to try walking back to Legian via the beach route. No sun what, sure can! Yeah right. After about and hour or so, when Suanie suddenly realised that it was a terrible idea, we walked towards the tar road to hopefully flag down a taxi. Thankfully for us there were motorbike touters who happily accepted our Rph30,000 offer to zip us back to our hostel. Another fantastic Rph30,000 spent ever. The ride through the teeny tiny lanes of Kuta with the breeze in my face transported me back to Batu Gajah times where my cousins would take me joyriding around the village.... sigh.

Friday ended pretty damn perfectly.

Read Suanie’s version of our second day here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Great Bali Trip 2009 - Thursday Night

Sometime this time last year, Suanie called me up in the middle of the night (around 2am), asking me if I wanted to go Bali. In my half asleep mode I must've agreed to it because there we were almost a year later, in the Air Asia plane on the way to Bali, on a fine Thursday night.

Being the lazy ass that I shamelessly am, I conveniently left all the planning to Suanie. From itinerary to hostel bookings - everything was managed by Suanie via the internetz. All I had to do was sit on my ass, give her some indication of how much I was willing to spend (not a lot) and give my opinions on lodging and destination selected by Suanie. Hehehe, thanks a mill babe. Until the evening we took off, I still wasn't sure of the details of our trip. All I know was that we were going to stay in some hostel, climb some volcano (I thought she was kidding), eat some babi guling somewhere, check out the sunset at some nice expensive place and make a trip to Tanah Lot. :P

So Air Asia was on time - I know right, should've bought a 4D ticket. QZ 8395 I think. Inwardly, I was a little apprehensive about the whole swine flu thing, but thought that if it was time, it was time, let fate decide (and here I am still blogging, thank you powers that be). 3 hours and a bottle of overpriced bottled water later, we finally arrived at the Bali airport.

Have I mentioned before how much I really hate our LCCT? I have? Well, here's a reminder, I really, really, really hate LCCT with every fibre of my being. It's so chaotic, random and the layout so badly planned it was as if a 5 year old had designed it. If I was god I would used my divine powers to obliterate this sorry piece of excuse for a plane terminal away from face of this earth with my thunderbolts. Or a level 10 fireball.

By the time we got out of the Bali airport it was nightfall. Around 10 maybe? Outside the airport greeting us were swarms of touters. I thought that there were too many touters in KLIA, but in the Bali airport the numbers were multiplied by at least 5. Feeling hot, tired, cranky, and to be greeted by scums of the universe at the first step into a foreign country doesn't really make a visitor feel welcomed. I think suanie and I were ready to take the first flight back to Malaysia, or at least, I was. I don't quite know how to articulate the feeling I had at this point of time, but it was a mix of intense hatred and extreme annoyance caused in part by the uncomfortable as fuck air asia seats, partly by the touters, and partly by the fact that it was bloody late at night.

Thing is, I've been here many years ago with my family, but didn't recalled the outside bit of the airport so chaotic.

Of course we were approached by a few touters charging us some pretty ridiculous (on retrospect, not really lah) prices to take us to our hostel. Suanie being suanie layaned them very friendly-like while in my mind I was screaming at her to just ignore them, but with the obvious lack of telepathic powers, I couldn't transfer my thoughts to her. After a while they left us alone, but a couple of them had a really unfriendly face after which made me even more jittery.

We spend a little time wandering around the area looking for a legitimate taxi line or a counter, because I didn't care how third world this country I was sure that there HAD to be one! AHAH FOUND ONE! But there were like 10 people ahead of us ARGH. We spent at least 20 mins queuing and it was finally our turn. RPH 50,000 (abt RM20) to central Kuta. eventhough it was 20-30k lesser than what the touters offered I still think it was a damn rip off. Annoyance level increased twofolds.

Not only was this driver bloody unfriendly and looked like he could rob us at knifepoint, this motherless lying pond scum had the nerve to bloody tell us that he won't be able to drop us at our hostel front because the lane where the hostel was located at is too tiny for a cab to go through. We didn't argue because we didn't know better and agreed that it was okay as long as he could show us how to get to our hostel by foot. Thank you so much for the bloody vague direction you useless piece of shit. We must've spent what felt like hours (less than 15 mins tbh) wandering around the tiny badly litted lane surrounded by closed shops looking for the right lane. Kept asking every white person for the right direction because hey, in a foreign land, you can only trust another tourist to not lie to you. Suanie had a humogous rolling bag which was pretty damn horrible to carry about town with uneven lanes and at so late into the night, I felt so bad for her. Berat mata memandang......

I regret until now that I didn't take a picture of his damn cab to plaster it all over the blog and other tourist advisor sites to tell everyone to STAY AWAY from this cheating ass wipe. Because we found out the next day that he could very well enter the lane through another way. ANGER! HULKRAGE! CRUSHCAB! CRUSHDRIVER!

We finally found the hostel - which looked really dodgy and shabby on the outside. If we weren't already disheartened from our airport and cabby experience, the exterior of the hostel would've killed all our spirits. At this point, we couldn't care less anymore. Just give us a damn place to chuck our things sit and lie down and a place to shower kthx. We checked in, walked in, and lo and behold, the interior was bloody fantastic. It was like we walked into a secret garden which as maintained by fairy creatures. 2 swimming pools, lots of plants, well maintained lawn. Ever 5 steps we took Suanie and I went "WOAH. WOAH. WOAH!". Definitely more than meets the eye.

We were shown to our room, which had all the basic amenities, 2 super single beds & blankets, a tv, mini bar, cupboards, aircond, shower, toilet, sink. No toiletries though, but that was expected so no complains there.

So I thanked the heavens that something went right that night, chucked our stuff, and together with Suanie, went out to the nearest pub for some booze.

After a couple of big bottled Bintang and a glass of arrak cocktail, we were ready to call it a night..... not too peacefully because everything creaked and the walls were too thin but oh well, one has to stop bitching sometime, right?

I think at the end of the night, I might have said something to the effect that we've been through what was probably the worst parts of the trip and things could only get better. But not sure if it was out loud or in my mind only, heh.

No pictures on the first day because while going through our fantastic night adventures, I really couldn't be bothered. Will beautify post later after stealing some from Suanie.

Read Suanie's version of our first "day" here.

P/s: Mum, if you are reading this, we were never at any point of time, in danger. It was just a little scary at times, but mostly a whole lot of inconvenience. The whole place very safe one, hehe. You know lah bloggers. Have to add in more spice to make story interesting mah. :P

Monday, May 11, 2009

Words + Images Makes a Post Too.

Yup, this is going to be one of those "today I woke up and had cornflakes and have nothing else of interest to say" post.

Do you remember Care Bears? I do. I'm an 80s child and the best times for cartoon I would argue, would be during MY time! I don't see the cartoon being aired but it looks like the toys are back in a big way. Big ones, small ones, some as big as you.


Do you remember the catchy theme song?

Let's do the Care Bear Countdown
And send a wish out through the air
Just do the Care Bear Countdown
When you need them they'll be there
Do the Care Bear's Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1~


I don't remembered their names though, do you? But they are so bright and cheerful looking aren't they? Makes me wanna get a whole lot of them just to brighten up my dreary apartment.

When I was back in Malaysia I had the biggest craving for some good ol' KFC.


It was so awesome I almost cried. But right after inhaling the whole meal my tongue felt so damn itchy. And it was itchy for the rest of the day. Argh. No! Is this really happening to me?? Has my tongue gotten acclimatised to the lack of MSG?!?!?! NOOOOOOOO!

Some drinkies had to be done last week. I had some Macallan. It's not too bad at all with water and ice.


Also had my first taste of a Moet. Personally, I feel it's overrated.


I've also discovered that I'm not a big fan of bubblies. It's too... gassy and sweet for me. Give me some nice tasting beer and hard liquor anytime. Which by the way, I might have to cut down on pretty soon. I'm pretty sure that it's fucking up my short and medium term memory, attention span and my vocabulary.

Someone told me that it's sexy to see a girl drink champagne. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when the girl takes a sip of her drink she looks like she's holding a phallic object to her mouth?


I had a Yoshinoya ricebowl for lunch today. I don't care what anybody says but I think their rice bowls are goddamn tasty. It's really not bad for SGD6.50 which is basically the same price as a McD's value meal but healthier.

alt="P1010471" />

The beef ricebowl for the win! It's the only ricebowl I will ever have. Forget about the chicken,fish or the ramen. Take only the beef rice bowl. Only the beef!!!!

And then for dinner today I tar pau-ed a packet of white rice to go along with some homemade chicken cabbage soup which turned out very, very nicely thanks for asking and yes,I'm very proud of myself too! Mum! Can you teach me some more easy to cook stuff when I get back? Kthx!!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lull.

So.. my current tasks entails me to be in Singapore for long periods of time. In between my stay in Singapore I would go back once or twice a month just to stock up my lungs with the polluted Malaysia air otherwise it'll collapse and die. Also to stock up my appetite with the food of course, otherwise *I* will collapse and die. Sorry Singaporeans, I really can't stop bitching about the city local food. I've heard that food around your hdb flats are awesome but heartland areas are like another continent to me.

Anyway, one of the worst parts of going back to Singapore after a short stay in Malaysia is the waiting period for the flight. The freaking airport is like a no moving time zone. It's like the place where time goes to take its last breathe and pass on. It's okay if you're in the airport with someone, or if you know you're off for a holiday. Not so great when you are there by your lonesome, especially after a really hectic schedule in Malaysia spending time with everyone you care about and running errands, waiting for the damn flight to take you back to the land without smiles, for work.

So you're there at the airport. You go through the motion - check in, immigration check, then move to the waiting hall. You tell yourself you'll bring a book along with you - just to pass the waiting time during the no moving time period. Sure you've got the laptop - but it's too much of a bloody hassle taking it out of your bag, waiting for it to boot, and then having the wifi function seek out a wireless connection which may or may not be working - you know lah Malaysia. Gaya ada, mutu... dipersoalkan. So fuck the laptop. You have the book. And you know you're not really concentrating on the book because you keep staring at the watch willing with every fibre of your being for time pass but it's only been 20 seconds since you last checked. Crap. Rinse and repeat another 30 times.

Then you look around and you notice there are happy shiny people with their happy shiny partners smiling talking, in their damn casual clothes and their damn screaming kids and their damn bright happy suitcases. And you picture in your mind squishing them with your bare hands because who are you kidding? You're blooding miserable and everybody else around you should feel just like you goddamnit. Argh screaming kids. I hate screaming kids. Slap the parents! Mind squish everyone!

You read another paragraph of your book. Watch check. Oh god why is it taking so long. Look up and see what's playing on the LCD above you. What's the point? It's muted anyway. Your eyes are too lazy to move anywhere else so it stays staring at the LCD. Oh good, it's almost time to go... but WAIT where is the bloody plane? Ding dong. Sorry your flight is delayed by another 30 bloody minutes. Fuck you Air Asia. Out of 10 flights I've taken with you you've been late 8 fucking times. Paragraph, watch, LCD, mindsquish. Rinse and repeat.

Plane finally comes. You go in. Sit in the miserable cramp seat. Paragraphs, watch check. Served paid in advance single serving food. Eat it without tasting anything. Touch down. Get out. Immigration. Taxi. 90 minutes later it's just you, your luggage and your dark, empty, apartment.

Then that familiar feeling creeps into you, that feeling which clutches at your stomach, squeezes your heart, clouds your head with greyness, steals away all your happiness.

Ohai, loneliness.

It usually goes away after a few days. But the first night is always the hardest to get by.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Booze, Booze, Booze & A Random Pic

Was at Bar-stop hear the somerset area last week for their 5th anniversary. 5-8pm house pour on the house. 8pm onwards 5 bucks per drink. Very cheap! There's a pretty decent jazz live band too which played decent ignorable songs but not too ignorable because it's on the loud side. The bartenders are really nice too! :) One of the house pour they had was a sake brand which was served in a wooden square "cup".


Behold my friend's collection of limited edition vodka containers and various other booze. I want.


Champagne bottles in a row. Had a proper taste of all of them, but the second from the left was my favourite. Discovered that drinking too much champagne makes me incredibly sleepy. Thanks for the awesome evening guys! :D


Spotted near the Funan Digitalife Mall:


Check out the website. Puts our government agency websites to shame doesn't it.

Today was so long it actually felt like it was a Friday. Had some beer and hotdog and my favourite bar which I will blog about very, very soon.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

clubbing rule.

bring your own fun.
expect nothing from others.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KFC, Timbre, Glenlivet, Desigual.

Had the cravings for KFC today. Despite the numerous warnings to stay away from KFC in Singapore (from both countrymen and locals alike) but when you have cravings, you just don't ignore it.

SGD6.50 for a 2 piece value meal. I noticed the difference almost immediately:


Wanna try and guess what's wrong with this picture?


That's RIGHT!




Anyway, no surprises here - everybody was right. The taste was muted, only the skin had SOME taste, but if you actually go deeper into the meat (oh god that sounds wrong) nearer the bone it's practically tasteless.

The chicken itself is not juicy nor tender. Probably because it was flown all the way from Australia and frozen for weeks and thawed JUST before they cook it for the day.

The mash potato, while looking exactly like what we have back home in Malaysia, tastes very strongly of black pepper. Singaporeans really love their black pepper in everything. Since I'm not a big fan of black pepper, this is not great for me.

All in all, a very disappointing and unfulfilling experience. I had taste it to believe it.

On other news:

Timbre's (Stamford Road) Kilkenny is watered down. How do I know this? Because I had that super duper creamy Kilkenny at that Irish pub near my place which name still escapes me until today and the taste, the feel, everything about it is still so fresh in my head like I just had it yesterday. I'm clinging on to the memory like a jilted obsessive lover because I'm so afraid that I'll never experience that kind of heaven ever again. But I digress.

Watered down Kilkenny is very depressing and it tastes like shit. It has that metallic after taste. Like water with a few drops of blood in it.

I will never order Kilkenny ever again in Timbre. You shouldn't either, if you know what's best for you. Even the one in the can tastes better, I shit you not.


So hello to my new housemate!


It makes me very happy, thank you a billion times over Ruok & Mr Rajan. So happy that every single time I see this pretty thing on my table my heart skips a bit and my brain pops out of my skull and does little somersaults around the room out of sheer ecstasy. My very own bottle of liquid gold. Mine mine mine!


I recently popped by Vivo City to check out the place. It's about the same size as our old Midvalley Megamall without Gardens, without the new extension, and without the extra 2 levels. Anyway, this paragraph is not about Vivo City. It's about this fantabulous shop called Desigual which I'm really excited to tell you, uh, about. Every single piece they have in the shop had this psychedelic explosion of colours and ultra crazy funky designs. The ones I tried below were pretty much muted:

Even the changing room walls are so funky!

Yes. I realise I look like I've aged 50 years overnight but this is what happens when you are a hardworking mofo .

I'm really, really batshit crazy over the stuff they have in there. But the cost of a leg for a t-shirt? The accountant in me can never justify my purchasing anything from this shop. But please feel free to get me stuff from there. :)

Time for bed. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pimpage Post - "The "Yogini Bear" Fund

(Small favour for a friend. Applicable in Singapore only)

Fundraising for Shirlyn's (the lead singer from UnXpected) Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Springs

Host: Shirlyn Tan
Type: Causes - Fundraiser
Network: Global
Date: Monday, April 20, 2009
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Blu Jaz Cafe
Street: Bali Lane ( near Arab Street)
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Come share Shirlyn's dream of becoming a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher!

She has taken the first big step to being accepted for the Spring 09 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training from 26th April to 28th June in Desert Springs.

Now she needs all the help she can get to raise funds for her fees and expenses. We hope to raise a humble $5,000 tonight to help her along with her food and expense.

Door Charge:

-a minimum of $15. There's no stopping you should you feel the urge to help a little bit more.
-Two sets of acoustic music performances by Shirlyn & The UnXpected
-One sizzling performance by Belly Dancer Belinda of Sahara Sundance.

Auction items:
- One Belly Dancing Lesson with Belinda
- A date with Carrie Lim (Shirlyn's lovely, single flatmate!)
- 5 weekly passes for Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga City Hall

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fast & Furious


Firstly I need to get this off my chest:


Okay done.

It's brainless trashy movie of course. But oh what fun!

Fast cars! Hot chicks in skimpy clothes! Loud noises! Spectacular car chasing scenes! Crashes! Catchy repetitive music! Vin Diesel! Paul Walker!

Oh... there's the emo bit though. Then again...

Fast cars! Hot chicks in skimpy clothes! Loud noises! Spectacular car chasing scenes! Crashes! Catchy repetitive music! Vin Diesel! Paul Walker!

Yucks.. corny lines aplenty. But...

Fast cars! Hot chicks in skimpy clothes! Loud noises! Spectacular car chasing scenes! Catchy repetitive music! Vin Diesel! Paul Walker!

So on and so forth.

It's fun! Brains not required! Watch it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Week In A Life Of Me.

Long Day Monday:
Nothing like some Hoegaarden on tap @ Ice Cold Beer to kick start the week when Monday already feels like a 5 day work week rolled into one.

Not Quite There Yet Tuesday:
Glenlivet Tasting Party @ Balaclava reminded me how dreamy single malt scotch whiskey can be. So smooth, so fragrant. Just like ice cold water from heaven.

Eve of Easter Thursday:
I've almost forgotten that Kilkenny on tap @ That Irish Pub near my place which name escapes me for now tastes so much fresher and creamier than Kilkenny from a can. So malty. So smooth. So full. So delicious. But So Expensive. (Can = 6.40, Bar =14.00) :(

Happy Saturday:
OJ & Smirnoff Black @ Wala wala is a great way to end the week. Coupled with a group of good company to chill out and head bang to singalong live music, the coming Monday doesn't seem so hard to face. Smirnoff black is so damn smooth compared to the normal Absolut. It's so smooth it's too easy to forget that you actually have quite a bit of vodka in that juice.. *hic*

With age catching up, I know that sooner or later I will have to cut this down. But now is definitely not the time. Besides, I'm enjoying it too much :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Singapore Kindness Movement

Wahlau. A government led campaign to remind the public to be courteous, kind and considerate ar???


In his 1996 New Year Message then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong highlighted the need for Singapore to become a gracious society by the 21st century. He emphasised that Singapore should not only continue to develop its economy, but should complement it with growth in personal development and in social behaviour. Considerate social behaviour supported by a strong economy and good government would make Singapore the best home for its people.

In line with the Mr Goh's call to build a gracious society, the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) aims to encourage Singaporeans to make a positive commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in their daily activities.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAH! See even the government also know that something is terribly wrong with the people here. So don't give me shit if I feel the same way too!*

Check out the website here!

*Disclaimer: Then again, gracious Singaporeans DO exist. All the ones I know and like to hang out with, are (I'm not just saying this because there are two of them right next to me who may or may not have indirectly threaten to beat me up if I did not put up the disclaimer... hehehe!).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sick Fuckers

The person who invented the Tabasco shot should be hung upside down by his toes. And his body fed to wild dogs with rabies. And his hair pulled out of his scalp one by one. And his black heads extracted one at a time. And vinegar poured all over his raw body when conscious.

Hate the idiot with every fibre of my being.

Why would anyone make themselves drink hell in a shotglass? WHY?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Poker Face!


Can't read my! can't read my! No he can't read my poker face!

Lady Gaga is rocking my socks. Her songs are so catchy and infectious, every time it's on I have this urge to drop everything and flay my hands about. I can't believe she is 6 years younger than me. Did you know that she learned to play the piano by ear when she was only 4, wrote her first piano ballad at 13 and was performing at the age of 14? Then when she moved out of her parent's house she dove into drugs and burlesque dancing, just because, in my opinion, she can. Crazy talented bitch. She sings! She dances! She writes songs! She plays the piano! She wears crazy things! I hate her. No I love her. No I hate her. ARGHH Complicated emotions!

She's like.. madonna, gwen stefani, britney spears, kylie minogue all rolled into one tiny little body!

I'm getting my grimy paws on her damn album.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You (book).


Phew. I thought it was going to be another piece of literary crap. Honestly, I'm not so snobbish as to read only serious mind fucking stuff from Rushdie or Greenspan. I actually read more fluffy junkbooks. See, junk doesn't equate to crap. Junk is fun! Crap belongs in the sewage.

This book is junk. Entertaining junk. It's like a tongue in cheek self help book, if you must. An entertaining tongue in cheek self help junk which is puts in writing, obviously obvious things you already know about men and (non-existent) relationships or should've known better, but rather just ignore.

This book is like that good friend who gave you an advise which you rather just ignore. You know she is right, but it's easier to act dumb and pretend that she never said anything so that you can continue living in your little delusions.

The premise of the book is simple enough; if spend too much time wondering whether the guy is into you - then he is just not into you. If he doesn't call, doesn't make the effort, is married, unavailable, going through a tough situation, just can't include you into his life - He is just not into you. SO SIMPLE RIGHT!

I was smiling, laughing and nodding to myself throughout the book. Guilty guilty guilty as charged. So simple yet, so many of us have been guilty of it once too many times. And will continue to be guilty for as long as men and woman and stupid emotions shall live.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Night Out.


what is there not to like?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Pictures From Singapore.

Brain shut down. Cannot form long sentences. More pictures instead, k?

Z. O. M. F. G. Hot guys galore slurp. Guys watch it for the action, girls watch it for the men. Winner is all! Hugh Jackman is mine, hands off bitches.

Read about this book in a local magazine. Went to Borders to look for it, but couldn't find it. Contemplating just walking out because was kind of embarrassed to ask help from the staff with the title being so suggestive. Asked anyway. No more stock. Sad.

Was at Mandarin Oriental a few weeks back. There was an art exhibition by Chinese artists. Painting were put up all over the wall. I thought this drawing was really hot. Snap!

This is a locally made 2009 calendar. Erm. Chinese boys and big bulging muscles don't go well together IMHO. It's just WRONG. But that's just my personal preference. Not even trying to impose my preference on you so no flaming please.

It's about time I put up this obligatory tourist shot of the Merlion. You know what they like to say here? If you drink, don't merlion.

Sex in the City. Hahaha. So clever. Shops like these are quite a frequent sight. Being the silly little sheltered Malaysian girl who has seen nothin' - this was like WOAHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME!!!! CLICK!

Don't you wish Malaysia was forward thinking enough to set up a tourist centre which looks as good as THIS?

Lots of construction up around Orchard Road. They put up a lot of boards such as this one. So pretty right? Of course must camwhore. Will do more next time.

Enough pictures to last you through the week? I hope so! No more updates for the week.

Time to pass out. Goodnight.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tv Ads on Tv

I think it's bloody hilarious how tv companies try to show how superior their tv is on our own tv screens. I mean if they are attempting to display how sharp theirs is, how vivid their colours are and how their images look so real - it's still shown on MY tv so how does it proof to me that your tv is more awesome than mine?


Thursday, March 19, 2009

i really like this

being high.

not caring. but caring too much at the same time.

i like this feeling of being free.

i wished the party didn't end so soon though.


Why must people stand right in front of the damn MRT door?

And I saw this crazed woman who dashed into the train immediately after the train door opened for the priority seat, nearly knocking over an aging uncle. He was so sian, he walked out of the train to wait for the next one. All this time - she was conveniently looking the other way.

Little things like that annoys the shit out of me.

Hulksmash kill them all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My parents were generous enough to have exposed me to many things when I was younger. Music, art, song, dance, martial arts and even chess. They always tell me that I could be anything I wanted. That they had brought me up to be one of the most well-rounded children evar. Fit for royalty. Looking at me today - who would've thunk, eh? :)

I was never exceptionally fantastic at everything I did though, I wasn't terrible at them either. But I just wasn't driven enough to want to do MORE to be great at them. I seem to lack passion and focus. Which was a pity. Because everybody around me believed that I could've been so much more if I tried just a little bit harder. This fact bugs the shit out of me because 1) it makes me wonder what the hell are they seeing which I'm not and 2) it makes me feel that I'm meant to do so much more. So why wouldn't I try harder?

There were a few phases in my life, where I actually felt like I KNEW with every fibre of my being, what I wanted to be or do when i grew up.... join the Russian ballet, design clothes, act, be a dancer of some sort, host of my own tv show, travel the world... etc.. But I never tried hard enough to pursue it. Why?

Yet, every single time I experienced something fantastic - like read a good book, watched a timeless movie, learn about people who do great things with so little, watch a mind blowing dance performance - I get goosebumps, the hair at the back of my neck would stand, my mouth would parch, my heart would soar. I would feel like my body could explode from a tsunami of emotions. I'm motivated to want to do great things. I know want to be close to greatness all the time. To always feel so overwhelmed. To be part of something bigger. But who am I? I'm just Jack who mastered nothing. I'm like that dog barking at the sky, wishing to be among the twinkling stars.

I want to know what I am great at. I wish I knew it now. I'm turning 30 soon. I'm getting very impatient because it feels like time is running out. I want my answers now. I want to BE something .. DO something NOW.

I know I want to keep learning. I want to feel, touch, see, smell, taste. I never want to stop experiencing new things. I never want to stand still. I never want to be contented.

Nothing scares me more than the thought that I'll never be exceptional at anything. But what if I am not? What if I'm just born to be average like everyone else? What if, in spite of all the strongest desires of my heart, the feeling as if I can taste it in my tongue, I'm just deluding myself? That I actually will never amount to anything more than a floating speck riding across the infinite space of blackness?

It's a depressing thought.

Shakespeare said something about greatness, I think.. wait let me google it...

Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. --William Shakespeare, 'Twelfth Night'

I'm not afraid of greatness. I'm just mortally afraid that I might not posses any type of greatness.

I guess I know now why I never tried too hard. I think I've known it all along.

I'm afraid to find out that my hardest may just not be great enough.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Twilight Series in Summary

I noticed that people were STILL reading the damn books, thought might as well get this off my chest now.

It's chucked in the children's section, understand!

I'm so embarrassed to say that I've read all the 4 books.

Well, the redeeming thing is that I didn't exactly READ ALL the books. I skipped through most of the pages just to get the storyline. If the book had 400 pages, I've probably read about 150.

Biggest reason for doing so was because I couldn't NOT stand the protagonist. Fucking childish self absorbed EMO oh everything revolves around ME ME ME ME brat.

Second biggest reason was because of the writing style. I this I that. I hate I like I enjoy I love I want I thought I I I I I I. In one paragraph there must've been about a hundred I's in there. Makes the protagonist even MORE unlikeable to me.

Thirdly because it felt wrong to even want to READ the book, so skipping through the pages kinda didn't meant I was actually READING it, more like skimming through it. :P

SO. To spare YOU from having to actually read the damn book to get to the storyline, I've summarised each book as follows:

Book 1:
I'm in love with a vampire. He loves me too. I want to make out with him, but he could kill me because of his super vampire strength. I want nothing more than to be a vampire, but he doesn't let me. I whine whine whine whine about it because I'm super horny. Then I get into trouble, but I get saved by my boyfriend and his family.

Book 2:
My best friend's a werewolf, and is in love with me. I love hanging out with him but I don't love him as much as I love my vampire boyfriend who left me during most parts of the book for my safety. Oh by the way, vampires and werewolves are enemies... and both sides no likey when I hang out with the other side.Inevitably, I get myself into trouble again, but of course get saved.

Book 3:

Ooh, vampires and wolves CAN become friends, coz they worked together to get me out of trouble YET again.

Book 4:
I have a child! THEN I become a vampire too, yeay! My child is like pissing everybody off so there's this huge ass vampire world war happening because of it but I sorta helped saved everybody because I am so powerful! Yeay!

The end, and you're welcome.

How does twilight compare to Harry Potter? Well, HP was fun in the beginning but it got so damn tedious when Rowling hopped onto the self-wank bus that I couldn't even be bothered to read the last book. Twilight's series on the other hand... was "meh" right from the beginning. Reading the book does not automatically make you a member of the "cool club", if you get what I mean. In fact, it's probably a -10 to Cool Factor. Plus, the book totally screws up the vampire image. I mean, come on they have skin which glitter like diamonds? WTF? RL Stine, please give Stephenie some classes please, thanks.

Friday, March 13, 2009


ever had one of those days where you felt like you've suddenly woken up only to find yourself neck deep in shit and you have no freaking clue how you got yourself in there in the first place.

and THEN you remembered that you can't swim.

oh guess what?

it's the same day to get wasted.


(i'm already drinking as i write this and this post will most prolly be gone by tomorrow)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Singapore

1. roti canai is known as roti prata
2. genting is pronounced as JERNTING
3. jelak is spelt jerlat
4. they use words like "alight" and "gantry" - well at least, *I* never used them. :P
5. tissue paper packets on tables at food courts are used to reserve seats, not for you to take.
6. wifi is free in the city centre.
7. free newspapers twice a day.
8. singapore bak kut teh is nothing like msia bak kut teh. NOTHING.
9. you can find good cheap food here - go to the shop with 1) a lot of stickers on their display window or 2) long queues.
10. singaporeans think msians speak mandarin wrong
11. singaporeans really do not understand their national anthem, neither can they understand their military commands
12. if you drink too much after clubbing, there is a service that drives you and your car back home. for a fee of course.
13. smoking is not allowed by law in clubs, indoors, and even certain parts al fresco places.
14. singaporeans DO jaywalk - only malaysians are afraid to jaywalk, ahaha
15. do not go to orchard road during the weekends. in fact do not go anywhere during weekends.
16. fast food restaurants are halal - except for a couple.
17. you can not purchase duty free alcohol when you enter into singapore from malaysia
18. there are no strays to be seen in the city centre
19. shopping malls are closed by 9.30, earlier if in the CBD
20. green tea is quite a popular mixer for whiskey
21. food can still cost only 2 bucks
22. prostitution is legal in singapore
23. if you work around the CBD you cannot escape the 20 odd people offering you flyers, asking you for your money, signing up for things, selling you things or asking you to participate in surveys ARGH
24. soft boil eggs are eaten with the that thick, dark, soya sauce.
25. Subtitles are written in freaking chinese.

So be warned. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic (Book).


I'm at page 122 of this book and I've hated it since 100 pages ago.

This reminds me why I NEVER read chic lit.

It's mind numbingly annoying. Every single bit of it is.

The main character is fucking out of this world. She is completely delusional, a pathological lying psycho, whines like bitch, does not possess a single ounce of willpower or logic and above all, has absolutely no sense of ethics or responsibility.

I can actually feel my IQ dropping after every page turn.

I fucking HATE chic lit with every fibre of my being. Fucking stupid wasting time piece of trash.

Back to finishing the stupid book. I paid for it anyway.

Stupid book.

But guess I'm the bigger idiot for buying it. And then having to finish it.

(I hope the book is nothing like the movie)

Done reading the abominable thing. Couldn't bear reading every line so ended up skipping many pages at a go. I had to, otherwise I would've to stick my head down the toilet and flush it. Fucking hate the ridiculous storyline - Girl has no control over her addiction to shop. All her credit cards are busted. Keeps attempting to "run away" from her escalating bills. Does jack-all at work. Makes up all sorts of crazy lies to get by on life on a daily basis. Absolutely clueless about life because all she really cares about is herself and her shopping. Then somehow by a stroke of luck lands herself with a fucking awesome job and a millionaire for a boyfriend and everything's fine and dandy. STUPID. This shit is fucking WORSE than Disney's happy ever after lies. ARGH I'm SO AGITATED. WHAT THE FUCK BULLSHIT STORY IS THIS! I HATE CHICK LIT I HATE CHICK LIT YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ANYWHERE NEAR THESE VILE SHIT EVERY AGAIN... It's not EVEN LIT. It's freaking TRASH. It does NOT belong in the fiction section of the bookstore. It belongs in the TRASHCAN. oh god i have "he's not into you". Stupid 3 for 2 book promotions ARGH. WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS TO MYSELF! I've to go calm myself down now with beer before i start stomping on things. kthxbai.

Friday, March 6, 2009


... for the pikachudophile

Spotted somewhere around Bugis, Singapore.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lunch, Dinner & Ampang Yong Tau Foo

I have to say that Singapore's Subway kicks Malaysia's Subway ass like nobody's business. The bread is soft, the meat is real, the veges are crunchy and fresh. It's so perfect I always almost cry from joy with each bite. SGD5.90 for a piece of heaven? What a bargain!

I have a picture to share but........... OM NOM NOM NOM


I ate it all. Couldn't wait. So hungry. So yummy. mmmmm.

Then for dinner I had this insane craving for Ken's char siew ramen. The char siew is juicy and tender, the soup si so tasty, the noodles are so springy.... this is by far the best ramen I've ever tasted. Ever. I don't care if it's a little pricey (SGD13.20) it is worth every cent!

I have a picture to share but......... OM NOM NOM NOM


I ate it all. Couldn't wait. So hungry. So yummy. mmmm.

Food blogger epic fail. :P

Oh, I also need to rant a bit:-
Discovery travel & Living keeps re-showing this clip of anthony bourdain eating ampang yong tau foo in SINGAPORE - it really PISSES ME OFF. Some more the fucker make it sounds like it's a Singaporean dish. Mahai. HELLO MR BOURDAIN. Ampang is NOT from Singapore! It's a fucking town in Malaysia and hence Ampang Yong Tau foo is a fucking MALAYSIAN DISH, UNDERSTAND! RESEARCH YOUR SHIT FIRST CAN? HULK RAGE SMASH BOURDAIN. Fine lah nevermind, Bourdain ignorant I still can accept, he is but a white snobbish monkey, but what's worse is that the LOCAL FELLAS who I am QUITE sure was WITH his crew did NOT even BOTHER TO ENLIGHTEN HIM AT ALL. A BIG FUCK YOU. May your bums be forever covered with painful pus filled boils assholes.

Monday, March 2, 2009



Even your emo spectacles



Fucker better win otherwise I'll be DAMN SAD.


But please lose the sob story - getting tired adi. You don't need to keep whoring your dead wife story loh, it cheapens yourself as a great artist, and you are already GREAT.

I also really like that geeky Indian boy who didn't make it through but he was so much better than that weird Sanjaya and is 100000000000000000000 times less annoying so WHY DIDN'T HE MAKE IT THROUGH?!?!?!

That Tatiana Nicole Del Toro? Please kick her back to hell, or where ever that freak comes from. Sure she's got really strong vocal but her character and attitude is just too fucked up - no way is she a human.

On other news, American idol this season is a complete joke.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camwhoring @ Cameron's

HAH! How could I have gone to Cameron's and NOT camwhore?!?!?! You thought you could get away easily without a healthy dose of narcissistic camwhoring goodness did you? Look, I've gotta do this while I'm still not too grossly old for this shit. I mean I'm already turning 29 this year, I've only a few more good camwhoring years before this thing becomes sad and pathetic, ya know? I mean just look at how high my forehead is getting! It's like the rings on a tree trunk except instead of a tree trunk it's my forehead and in place of the rings it's my hairline. :(

So here I am camwhoring...

... by the dressing table

... by the dressing table again

... in the toilet

... with the old school phone

... on the bar top

... with the overpriced scones

... on a superbike.

Incidentally, the above picture is my favouritest so be prepared to see it on my gtalk, msn, facebook, plurk, twitter.. hell I'll even use it on my fucking IC and passport if they let me.


Monday, February 23, 2009



Can you imagine this movie almost went straight to video first?!?!?

Check out the list of winners over at Eyeris's blog here (got commentary also hahaha).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cameron Highlands Trip

A bunch of us decided to go to Cameron's for a relaxing overnight trip, which turned out to be quite an adventure in the end. More pictures, less words. Hey ho let's go!

On the way up, we stopped to unload.... and reloaded on Baskin Robbins.


Then some champion had to get his car crashed.


Which was very ouch, seeing the he had quite recently paid loads of $$$ to fix his car. This crash forces us to squeeze a passengers from 3 cars into 2 tiny cars with no boot space. By the time everybody finally got up there, we were so famished we could eat a cow.


We were really hungry.


The night came, and we did what people who go up to the highlands usually do at night, makan KFC & drink beer, gamb.... play cards, got a fire started, howl at the moon, talk cock, sing song, laugh untill stomach pain.


We also cooked & ate potatoes by the fireplace...


... and camwhored of course.

Morning came back, and we did what people who go up to the highlands usually do in the morning.


Contemplate the meaning of life.


Eat a yummy breakfast.


Camwhore some more.


Chill (in every sense of the word).


Gamb... play cards


Do the must do touristy tea plantation visit....


.... and eat overpriced scones (RM16 for this set!!! WTF)

We also visited the quite pathetic looking bee/strawberry farm. It looked so sad we left 5 minutes after.

And before we left, one quick stop at the popular local coffee place.

You can run, but you can never hide from Starbucks.

Despite the car crash, it was a good, fun trip. Let's do it again soon, folks!